The Best Zero-Waste Instagram Accounts To Follow

Words: Clare Harrison
FEature Image: The Zero Waste Collective

With the growing awareness of the dangers of plastic we want to help you live your best plastic free and zero waste life. Going zero waste and plastic free has major benefits for the environment and also for yourself. We have found some of the best instagrams to follow to start making less wasteful and more plastic free choices.


Wasteland Rebel

A little goes a long way 💚! I myself never thought I would end up with only one jar of waste a year, and whenever I put something into my trash jar I still think it’s just so unreal 🙃! The truth is that it is nothing more than the sum of many very small (and very doable) changes. • Pre-#zerowaste I felt small, insignificant, and often powerless against what I thought was wrong in this world. Once I started with those tiny changes, I gained momentum and felt more and more empowered. Living my life more in alignment with my values didn’t just feel like a distant dream, but very achievable! • So give it a try, just try a couple of the things on this graphic! 😊💚🌎✨💪 #Repost @therogueginger ・・・ Quitting plastics 💓found via @dotty_lou. Illustrator unknown.

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Shia is a vegan, zero waste, palm oil and plastic free minimalist, and shares many tips on ways you can be too. She has a good post on menstrual cups, switching to handkerchiefs for allergy season, and zero waste stores and bulk sections. Her famers market hauls make for very instagramable pictures with gorgeous colours and variety.


Zero Waste Collective

The Zero Waste Collective is an online community where zero life tips are shared and discussed. They post information, recipes and diy ideas, best zero waste books to buy, posts on ethical lifestyle and sustainability. They also have a shop where you can purchase your zero waste essentials.


Zero Waste Nerd

Zero Waste Nerd, Megan Wheldon, is zero waste and plant based and has loads of tips on going zero waste saved on her instagram stories which makes them accessible and easy to watch and learn. She can teach you how to shop in bulk, how to compost and how to be zero waste on the go.


 Zero Waste Guy

I am so excited for this #zerowasteLA / SD camp trip! These are my people. We can do all our zero waste stuff and not have to worry about being judged. Amazing. #Repost @girlforacleanworld (@get_repost) ・・・ Yesterday’s zero Waste shopping in preparation for *the* Zero Waste camping trip with @zerowasteguy. Everything except for the tortillas was bought at my favorite organic co op and the plastic free tortillas were picked up in Tijuana. Planning to make sweet potato chili, falafels, chilaquiles with cashew cream, and snack balls! Mostly based on recipes from @minimalistbaker. #zerowastecamping #plasticfree #goingallout Compras sin plástico del día de ayer en preparación pero *el* camping zero Waste! Todo menos las tortillas fue comprado en mi tienda favorita orgánica y las tortillas las compro mi papá en Tijuana. Tengo pensando hacer un chilli de camote, falafels, y chilaquiles, casi todo basado en recetas de @minimalistbaker. #sinplastico

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Jonathan Levy posts pictures of public bins with thrown away vegetables to highlight the waste that goes on in our society. He promotes making your own bread to avoid buy supermarket bread that is packaged in plastic. He also has a post about repairing old clothes to reduce your carbon footprint.


Trash is For Tossers

Lauren Singer advises that if you do your research and are dedicated, living waste free is not that hard. She suggests making baby steps towards becoming zero waste as trying over night is not achievable. She has a huge youtube following where you can learn how to make your own deodorant and toothpaste. Follow her instagram to be inspired to start your journey.