Finding Confidence After Waking Up With A Skin Disease

Words: Aimee Godden

Before I was diagnosed with my auto immune disease I was just like many other girls – I had flawless skin and beautiful hair, yet I felt so insecure. Some people may say I was vain, but, I wasn’t happy with how I looked, so, I used make up, hair extensions, false lashes and more. Yet still, I didn’t feel beautiful.

In February this year I woke up one morning covered from head to toe in sore spots. I was diagnosed with a severe case of guttate and plaque psoriasis. At first I was devastated. I couldn’t believe how ugly I looked and the pain and discomfort I was in. Paired with the other symptoms as well such as chronic fatigue and hair loss, the illness was beginning to take its toll.

One day, I was inspired by other women on Instagram to post a photo of my new look. I was ready for the trolling and negativity I would receive but I had to do it for my own mental health; hiding away was no longer an option.

Yes, I did receive a lot of negativity and bullying – including death threats. People were telling me I should “take my own life” as I am “offensive to look at”, but, the positivity, kindness and love totally outweighed the negativity I was receiving. I began to embrace my look and continued to share my story.  And so, the more I shared the more kindness I received.

The only reason I am brave enough to share my story is because of my amazing followers. Their support and kind words keep me focused and have given me true happiness. I am so grateful to them all because, believe it or not, I now feel more beautiful than ever before. Im no longer ashamed or worried about how I look and neither should anyone else. We should all be proud and embrace who we are.


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