Diversify Your Feed: Instagram Wellness

Words: Sophie Henderson

The habitual nature of Instagram is synonymous with unrealistic beauty-standards, but it can be used in a powerful and productive way: to promote wellness. The term infiltrates all aspects of living, and it essentially means taking care of yourself. The greatest wellness advocates are self love, self care and self acceptance, but they’re not always as explicit as a sentimental quote. We’ve pulled together a collection of accounts that will each take care of you in their own, unique way. Get following to boost your physical and mental wellness.

Expand your intellect with French Words

Instagram is the sanctum of distraction, so use it strategically to expand your mind. A mere exemple, French Words adds a certain je ne said quoi to your feed (and similar accounts are available in most languages). Ditch endless scrolling and hone a new skill – your mind will thank you later.

Embrace Vibrational Living with Lalah Delia

Let the organic words of Lalah Delia grace your feed. Delia is a spiritual writer and creative who encourages wholesome well-being, and offers her mindful perspective on life through vibrational-living. Follow her to remind yourself just how powerful you are.

Be thankful with Alexandra Elle

Founder of The Hey Girl Podcast, Alex Elle pushes slow and intentional living; her words are filled with gratitude to encourage everyday appreciation.

Follow Recipes For Self Love

Unapologetic – and rightly so – Alison Rachel’s illustrations prompt you to accept and to love your physical being. They’re essentially love notes to you, from you.

Bless your body with Vegan Food Spot

Regardless of your diet, Vegan Food Spot is one of several accounts promoting the ease of nutritious recipes. Encourage yourself to consume natural, unprocessed foods that will help to nurture your body.

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Stay smart with Loom

One for the mothers (or mothers to be), Loom is modern education for reproductive empowerment, pregnancy, and parenting. It does sound a little futuristic, but trust me, it’s as pure as it gets.

Breath easy with Black Girl In Om

Holistic wellness may be an obvious shoutout, but Black Girl In Om prides itself as a creative space for ‘women of colour to breathe easy’. The platform’s beauty is both mindful and instantly empowering.

Mental Health Awareness with Sad Girls Club

This collective reminds us just how common mental health problems are, removing the stigma as a safe place for girls to unite and relate.

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