Reebok’s #BeMoreHuman Campaign Is A Female-Driven Celebration

WORDS: Joshua Greenwood

Reebok have launched a new female-driven #BeMoreHuman campaign. With the aim to encourage people to live up to their full potential, they are bringing together and celebrating women who are helping bring a positive change to the world.

With the slogan ‘celebrating women who are transforming themselves and those around them’, the campaign features the brand’s current ambassadors including Ariana Grande, Gal Gadot, Gigi Hadid, Danai Guria and Nathalie Emmanuel. It celebrates Reebok’s heritage of being a predominantly female-focused brand, while commending strong women with powerful voices who are inspiring others to take action in their own lives, and become the best possible version of themselves, physically, mentally and socially.

As part of the campaign, Reebok has released short inspirational videos of each ambassador talking about how they empower themselves, and how to empower yourself, others and transform the world around them in a positive way.

Ariana Grande is using her platform to promote messages of equality and inclusion for all. By utilising her influence, she is helping to transform this and the next generation by encouraging a world where people support each other no matter how they live. She states in her video for the campagin, “What it means to be human is to be as accepting as possible of yourself and evolving. We’re never done.”

Gal Godot, who has been portraying Wonder Woman on the big screen since 2016, is a symbol of self-confidence, courage and inner strength, that women of all ages can look up to. She believes that the more we are exposed to strong, inspiring role models, the more we are able to transform our dreams into realities. She shares in her short video, “Don’t be afraid to fail, because when we dare and don’t fail, we change the world.”

Accompanying the campaign, Reebok have created a limited-edition collection of ten t-shirts celebrating the women making a difference. Each of the t-shirts has their own message unique to the individual women that are featured in the campaign. Gal Gadot’s t-shirt says, “We change the world everything time we lead by example”, Gigi Hadid’s states “Stand together. Move together. Change the world together.”, and Ariana Grande’s reads, “We are the generation of love, change and inclusion.”

Along with this, Reebok are donating 100% of the purchase price to two organisations that are empowering females; the Women’s Strength Coalition which is founded by Shannon Kim Wagner, and the Movemeant Foundation founded by Jenny Gaither. These two women are also featured in the campaign with Gaither and her company, Movemeant, deciding to be a part of #BeMoreHuman due to it embodying all that her company Movemeant values: strength, confidence, leadership, fearlessness, passion and a drive for change.

You can read about Jenny Gaither’s experience working on the campaign on her blog.

This campaign is incredibly important. Reebok are using their influence to create a campaign full of inspiring, positive and significant women, all of which have the potential to impact millions. Reebok are using their campaign and ambassadors to push an exceedingly important message; to acknowledge the women who are transforming themselves and impacting the world, to live your life to the full potential, and empower one another, celebrating each other’s possibilities and helping them to grow as a human.

Brands need to take note of Reebok’s #BeMoreHuman movement and start producing campaigns that promote positivity, celebrating incredible women and how uniquely they transform the world around them. Here’s to the women making change.

Read more about #BeMoreHuman here.

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