Our Guide To Beauty, Wellness And Fitness In New York City

Words: Charlie Newman

Across the pond, the Big Apple is as ever, just that one step ahead of us – this time in the beauty, wellness and fitness sector. Whilst us Europeans might turn our nose up at such a vain endeavour, the Americans are right to explore the industry, after all it has now been estimated to be worth an astounding $3.72 trillion. I had the pleasure of exploring their multi faceted options whilst living there, you can’t ignore it. People don’t rush to the pub after work, they head straight to the gym instead or their Reiki appointment. Whilst this might sound all to narcissistic, fear not, most of them are tied with strong Eco values, something we should all get stuck into. Here are my top choices-if ever you should visit the city that never sleeps, I highly recommend the below.



First released by ‘Into the Gloss’ editor Emily Weiss in November 2014, the less is more aesthetic shone out compared to other beauty brands. Glossier celebrates your skin, as cliche and obvious as this sounds, there was huge a gap in the market for millennial appealing make up brands, and my word has Weiss nailed it. Her first two products had a 10,000 wait list, thankfully we can now get our hands on these sell out products, having now launched online in the UK. My favourites include the Priming Moisteriser and the Hyaluronic Acid Super Bounce serum.


Founded in 2000 by Maureen Kelly, Tarte was the first brand to make eco friendly, cruelty free products that really work. Best sellers include their Shape Tape Matte foundation and Shape Tape concealer. Your morning routine transforms now that it has a conscience thanks to Tarte.


The genius creation of period free underwear. Surely not? No really they work. Throw away your sanitary products and enjoy your day without a worry!

Infrared Sauna

I knew a lot of models out there who would visit an Infrared Sauna the day before a big job, the most popular being HigherDOSE-a delicious cocktail standing for Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins. Whilst there is no scientific proof behind sweating toxins, the proof is in the pudding, if it’s good enough for: the Kardashians, Michelle Williams, Demi Moore, Selena Gomez and Chelsea Handler, who ever has one built in her house, it’s good enough for me! What has been proven though is that it’s fantastic for joint pain healing and recovery, and asthma too.


Body By Simone

My favourite class in both LA and New York. What I loved about Simone De La Rue’s classes was that primarily it had a much more fun and positive foundation which made it far easier to commit to. Simone was surrounded by negative body image during her career as a professional dancer on Broadway and the West End,

“I saw a lot of my friends get injuries or eating disorders and give up their careers young (surrounded by) all that stigma of what was the ideal figure of a female. I wanted to create a safe environment where women could come and love their own body and connect with themselves.”

Reese Witherspoon, Emily Blunt, Taylor Swift and Chrissy Teagon are all devoted fans of her “strong not skinny” classes. If you can’t visit any one of her studios in LA or New York, you can stream her classes, or use the AI app.


A class that never seemed to get any easier for me, but it gave results fast. Megaformer Pilates is not for the faint hearted, it’s slow controlled movements feel like hours when in fact they’re only 30 seconds. However tough I found it, I kept coming back for more as it’s almost impossible to injure yourself in their or to build up muscle, only Strengthen, Lengthen and Tone.


A most Millenial boxing gym. Picture a high on life, muscle rippling instructor/DJ, shouting Pinterest-esque motivational phrases at you whilst they play tracks from NOW 95. It might sound all a bit much, but it was a fantastic mood booster, somewhere you could beat out any problems.

Box n Flow
Possibly one of the hardest work outs I experienced. First recommended to me by my housemate, I was rather cocky going along with her, what could be harder than the above classes? But she was completely right, you begin with the a hardcore boxing class and just when you think it’s over and you’re ready to rush home, the heat is turned up and you then do 15 minutes of yoga. Combining both was tough but was also a great way to work your mind and body.

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