Subscribe To These Ethical Fashion YouTubers

Words: Victoria McEwan

YouTube is hard to navigate for the ethically conscious among us, after all, the site practically invented the consumerist haul. Thankfully, we’ve rounded up our favourite ethical fashion YouTubers, so get ready to press subscribe.


If there is one thing Cynthia is passionate about it is sustainability in fashion. Her content focuses on the art of thrift shopping and showing people how to make the most of their current wardrobes through her ‘Come Thrift with Me’ and ‘Try on Haul’ videos which document her journeys and how she pieces all her outfits together to look beautifully stylish. What’s also brilliant is how although the majority of her content centres around thrifted pieces, she also helps people to make informed purchases when buying for a capsule wardrobe. It is ok to buy new items, but be conscious about what those items are.

Arden Rose 

A previous promoter of fast fashion, Arden has finally turned the tables on fast fashion consumption towards advocating for sustainable shopping habits. Her most recent video ‘how to NOT destroy the planet while shopping’ directs people to watch ‘The True Cost’, informs people of stylish and quirky sustainable brands who are passionate about the environment and encourages people to thrift and recycle their clothes using Depop. It’s an exciting shift of movement in the world of consumerist youtube.

Freya Hayley

The Australian Queen of vintage, Freya channels 70s bohemian and festival vibes effortlessly and almost all of her clothes are thrifted, due to the fact she is an advocate of minimalism and sustainability. Through her amazing editing skills her videos transport you to another world and allow us to gain inspiration from her festival vlogs and lookbooks. Freya also creates content surrounding the Zero Waste movement and posts videos such as her ‘SELLING HAUL’ which educates people on clothing and where it ends up in regards to Australian landfill and encourages people to sell and recycle their old clothing rather than purchasing completely new pieces.

Kristen Leo

Kristen’s ‘Thrift the Look’ series see’s her take specific celebrities and emulate a number of their most iconic outfits from thrifted pieces almost identically, her most popular being Kim Kardashian’s Yeezy outfits, Selena Gomez’ street style outfits and a ‘What Would Rachel Wear Today? F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode. Through this series she shows that you can be stylish and look like your favourite style icon for a fraction of the cost and still be an advocate of helping the planet. Kristen also makes videos about modern day consumerism, general debates and discussions and  vegan recipe videos.


Angela’s (the founder of Blueprint DIY) motto is that every woman is different, so our clothes should be too and shows that people can achieve this through up cycling and thrifting clothing. Her videos focus on transforming thrifted clothes into trendy pieces, making custom clothing and teaching people life saving DIY hacks. Some of her coolest videos show you how to turn a long, plain midi skirt into a sexy pencil skirt and an old men’s shirt into a chic bomber jacket.

Youtube is becoming an increasingly popular platform for major fast fashion brands to target bloggers as influencers to promote their products and clothing, and whilst it is nice to want to stay on trend, these Youtubers are changing the way we think and showing that you can be stylish and sustainable.

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