Urban Decay Are Celebrated For Showing ‘Real’ Skin

In the artistry world the debate of editing images is at its most intense.


By listening to the desires of female consumers today, Urban Decay are the first global brand to platform work by makeup artists that has not been airbrushed, enhanced or warped.

Stepping away from the usual ‘perfected’ look, Urban Decay are showing that wrinkles, spots, scars, smile lines, discolouration and hair are not imperfections, they’re simply features of real . This change to show actual skin rather than an edited construction tells us two important things of and makeup: we don’t need to be photoshopped to be social-media-ready, and, makeup artists can showcase their talent without the embellishment of editing.


The images posted by the popular brand has received incredible celebration from their users. Praising Urban Decay for its showcase of un-retouched skin gained a flood of comments such as: “THANK GOD SOMEONE HAS REAL SKIN” and “Her skin!!! It looks like real skin! The eye look is pretty too, but her skin!!!!!!”.

Indeed, unedited makeup looks are able to showcase the talent of the artist well enough without requiring the falsity of skin smoothing, eye whitening, face reshaping and more. But, better yet, the understanding of female beauty is becoming more realistic.

Here’s hoping that ‘real’ skin is, one day, no longer a novelty.