Instagram Accounts To Follow For Career Advice

Thanks to Instagram, you don’t need to see a careers advisor or break out dusty books in the library to get the insight into the career path you want to be on anymore. However, with the saturated space of social media today it can be hard to find the best source for trustworthy tips. So, here’s our roundup of the best Instagram accounts to follow for that motivation, understanding and inspiration you need for your career.



An obvious start to our list for go-to career advice but with good reason (we promise). Girlboss is the queen of online content on all things careers and work. With insight into salaries, career paths, success stories and more it’s got everything you need to understand how to succeed in your work life.


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Create & Cultivate

Presented beautifully, Create & Cultivate present insights into careers in a way that doesn’t feel like research. Browse their feed to learn the mentality of a tenacious worker and find out all about how success stories actually happen. Of course, they also make you feel like you can do it too – which you can.



Business of Fashion 

Particularly for any career within or on the periphery of the Fashion sector, Business of Fashion provides a thorough and knowledgeable insight into the landscape of fashion at the moment. You may not get personal advice or motivational quotes, but, the understanding of this industry will help you understand how to channel your career to be suitable to the ever-changing world of fashion.



The Everygirl 

This is the perfect inspiration platform for a creative, career driven woman. It offers supportive quotes as well as a motivational glimpse into a dreamy lifestyle. The Everygirl is definitely one to follow to keep that dream in your mind strong and driving you forward.



The Coven Girl Gang

From the heart of it’s founder Sapphire, The Coven Girl Gang feels like your personal daily motivation. With a refreshingly honest perspective business and careers, this platfrom  offers a membership programme that feels like a best friend there to keep you going.