Can Technology Bring Women Together?

Words: Emma Roberts
Image: @Peanut

Despite being the generation who should be the most socially active, loneliness has been identified as an epidemic plaguing Gen Z. Whilst society becomes increasingly detached from community and physical interaction becomes a novelty, app developers are finding modern solutions to the age-old problem of feeling alone.

You may think that social media and mobile phones are the root of this widespread loneliness, and this may be true, but apps like Peanut are helping people connect with like-minds online. Whilst Generation Z are most affected by this issue, they are not (ahem) alone in their problem. Peanut brings together mum’s, allowing them to connect with women who share their fears and joys.

Mum’s can often feel lonely when they’re spending all day with their little ones, but Peanut allows them connect online and then meet in person, forging new friendships and curing loneliness. Being able to share experiences and spend time away from the pressures of motherhood, these new sisterhoods are helping mum’s all over the world find love and support where they would least expect it.

If you’re not a mum, fear not, Bumble have also interpreted the concept by establishing Bumble BFF. For guys and girls alike, the app allows you to connect with people you have the potential to form friendships with and to socialise with them in real life. Tinder has also developed a similar platform.

Whilst there is bound to be a stigma attached to these apps initially, as there once was with online dating, these apps could be a sign that we are finally learning to use technology to enhance out lives, rather than disconnect from them.