Pantene Launches #SeeBeautyNotGender Campaign

Feature Image: Pantene #SeeBeautyNotGender by Greynj united

Pantene in Thailand’s latest ad tells showcases transgender stories and asks people to see beyond gender. However, it’s questionable as to whether Pantene are using the relevancy of transgender people to front a campaign unrelated to hair products, or, if they’re truly aiming to better the views on gender in Thailand.

Pantene in Thailand is reflecting societal progressions with thoughts on gender by asking people to #SeeBeautyNotGender in a series of emotional stories featuring transgender people. To do this, a film introduces Thai LGBT celebrities in a series of tales that highlights other qualities that aren’t gender focused. For instance, noting the strength and compassion in a person rather than where they rest on the gender spectrum at present.

According to Pantene, it chose to tackle this subject because, while Thailand was becoming more accepting of transgender people, there is still a bias and transgender people do not want special treatment.

The campaign, by GREYnJ United, will run online, with the video seeded across social media. By using interactive Facebook and Instagram stories, people will be asked “what do you see?” in order to encourage them to look beyond gender. The campaign therefore aims to create an initiative for people to see beauty without gender boundaries, however, does this cross the boundary for using topics as a vehicle to chase relevancy?


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