Stop Worrying About Having The Perfect Summer

Words: Ellie June Goodman
Feature Image: Toa Heftiba

We’re getting closer and closer to September and with it the promise of autumn layering, cosy jumpers, and nights in in front of the telly watching some great period drama. While the prospects of all those winter traditions and time spent cuddling up is exciting, it can be difficult to feel as though you might not have had the perfect summer you imagined while you were knee-deep in essays and reading for lectures.

It seems like everyone is having the time of their lives travelling South-East Asia or interrailing through Europe but you’re stuck here working your butt off scraping pennies together to save up for a week away. The FOMO is definitely real. Trying to intern and work that side-hustle in the heatwave while everyone else is sunning it up in Bondi? Not ideal. It’s enough to feel like you’re failing at summer. But here’s the thing: nobody is really having that perfect summer. Well, not really.

It’s hard not to feel the pressure when all you see on Instagram are pics of your pals, bikini-clad and tanned on a sunny beach or out for drinks at that cool new pop-up bar. You know what you won’t see though? The fourteen hour shifts they pulled working in a restaurant with broken AC to save up enough cash to go.

Those shots of fashion cupboards and PR launches they’re posting from? Outnumbered ten-to-one by the hours they spend schlepping across London on a boiling tube with a suitcase full of samples. All for next to no money, sometimes nothing.

Unless your mate’s parents are the Royal Family of Monaco, nobody can afford to just pop to Ibiza for a week. Everyone is working that hustle to make the most of the hottest months so you shouldn’t feel left behind. Always remember to take everything you see online with a big pinch of salt; nobody wants you to see the evenings they’ve spent sat at home in their pants because they can’t afford to go to the pub.

This summer has been hot enough already. Don’t sweat over making it perfect – enjoy what you can and rest assured that nobody’s got it as good as their insta story makes out.