Renting Creative Tools Just Got Easier

Words: Sophie Henderson

Throwaway culture is at the heart of our society, but what if we could profit through sharing the ‘stuff’ we own? And borrow almost anything? Now that’s the stuff of dreams, and the future.

Fat Llama is the solution, and they have developed a pioneering concept that takes the basis of esteemed apps like Airbnb right back to their core principles: the sharing economy. You don’t need an endless supply of cash, nor vast storage space, just an app (and maybe something to share, even if it is that old fancy dress costume under the bed).

We love the fact that generosity is at the heart of Fat Llama‘s entire concept. The process of sharing your hoarded possessions with a stranger is indirectly solving many a problem.

Firstly, financial barriers will easily become a thing of the past. By inputting your location, the site can give you access to almost anything – from drones to recording equipment – for a daily rental fee. Your creativity is essentially without limit and there’s no longer a need to invest in specialist equipment.

And this adaptation of the sharing economy is also a fantastic way to minimise waste. With less consumption, users are essentially lending out surplus objects that aren’t continually being used.

But lets not forget that profitability supports the average person. According to Forbes, some lenders are already earning up to $10,000 per month in rental income, while borrowers are saving an estimated $12 million per month.

Here's Larry, getting sassy in Banana yellow.

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At last, technology is beginning to fight back against throwaway consumer culture, and we’re all involved in the reward.

Join this sharing community and visit Fat Llama now.