MAC Ditches Photoshop And Lets Facial Hair Show

After Urban Decay were celebrated online for sharing images on Instagram whereby skin hadn’t been smoothened over by Facetune or airbrushed by Photoshop, it seems that other brands are catching on that this is what women today want to see – themselves.

MAC has most recently been praised by followers for sharing images which hadn’t removed facial hair in editing. Followers shared comments in celebration of MAC’s acceptance of facial hair: “There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with this hair at all. Actually, this picture is so refreshing. Pretty much everyone has this downy hair around their lips and I love seeing it not being photoshopped out. Well done, MAC x”.


What’s even more refreshing however is that MAC didn’t publish these images along with a campaign, slogan or speech. Instead, they simply pressed post with only the mention of the lipsticks. In absence of a ‘moral message’ MAC then demonstrates their underlying message that facial hair is normal; no song and dance needed.

With more images like this being published by brands women love, hopefully, when those women then want to show their lipstick colours, makeup skills or beautiful features they will – maybe, one day – feel less pressured to doctrine their own self image to feel comfortable enough to share it online.