Be On The Futuristic Trend With These Ethical Products

Finding ethical brands that reflect popular trends at the moment can be difficult; of course buying ethical items are equally about values as they are style, but, sometimes we can’t help but love a trend. The latest trend of the moment seems to be futurism – from KKW Beauty’s Ultra Beam launch, Ariana Grande’s new album cover style and glow in the dark trainers we’ve seen it all in the past couple of weeks.

To make the shopping process easier, we’ve compiled you a list of our favourite items that are on the futuristic trend.


The Curves and Gold Necklace, Yoster

Be bold with the shape and size of this statement necklace and pair with a white or black top to allow the jewellery to lift the look into the futuristic trend.  Shop here.



Gauze Sweatshirt Grey, Halo Labels

Easily wear the futuristic trend with this grey sweatshirt in a unique texture which gives a hint towards the iridescence of futuristic aesthetics – yet able to wear on the daily. Shop here.


Amaya Skirt, Nanette

For a more dressed up look, wear this flattering skirt with interesting cuts and layers to stand out as a feature of your outfit without having to be brave with silvers, neons or glitters. Shop here.



Empty Pool Earrings, Not Magic Shop

Play up a minimal outfit with these earrings for an easy way to be on the highstreet trend of the moment. Shop here.



Spongy Necklace Jacket, Halo Labels

Keep warm and stay snug whilst up-to-date on the colour palette of the moment. Shop here.


Crescent Tote, Edas Jewels

Give a subtle nod to the extravagant trend with the shape of this staple bag. Shop here.