New York Fashion Week Is Providing Headspace Meditation For Models

Models are given meditation opportunities at New York Fashion week in bid to take better care of their health during shows.


The stress of Fashion Week on the faces, bodies and personalities of the event is phenomenal. Models – which have previously been treated unfairly within the industry – are finally recognised with importance placed on their physical and mental health. This year, Headspace, the popular meditation app, has partnered with IMG to present ‘Headspace for the Shows’.

Backstage at New York Fashion Week noise cancelling headphones are available for models to use along with headspace audios specifically created especially for them as a ‘calming escape from the backstage bustle’.

It was only one year ago when 14-year-old model Russian model Vlada Dzyub died in Shanghai during fashion week whilst on a modelling contract. The headline went viral on social media with many models sharing the exhaustion of modelling and the shocking severity of this case. Whilst Dzyub’s Chinese agency deny the 14-year-old being over-worked and her illnesses at the time of her death have been brought to light since the news broke, the horrendous event shone unearthed the way in which models are contracted to work.

The improvement in caring for models’ wellbeing by IMG and Headspace serves as a crucial step forward for the working lives behind the glamorous facade of their time during Fashion Week.