This Online Platform Is Creating Explicit Dating Stories To Discuss Female Sexual Health

Feature Image: Parys Gardener & Nat Mortimer

New online platform is pairing together risqué short stories and informative health features with the aim to demystify female sexual health.

Web platform Kayleigh Daniels Dated is the new way to immerse yourself into refreshing, realistic and relatable stories on all things dating, sex and relationships. Created by Almaz Ohene, the platform reveals the unapologetically licentious dating exploits of the fictional character Kayleigh Daniels. Accompanied by a hot, full-colour illustration each story is also in tandem with informative health features written by experts.

On her reason for founding Kayleigh Daniels Dated Ohene commented: “There’s a current trend for more honest depictions of women’s sexuality. Evidently, there’s an appetite for material that’s real and visceral, yet also relatable. My friends and I have graphic conversations about sex and our bodies, but often can’t find appropriate and accessible information we need about a specific issue. I’ve got 12 women, who are experts in female biology and psychosexual habits, to guide us through some common issues.”

Moreover, in the mainstream media, the discourse surrounding female sexuality has been largely viewed through the lens of white women’s experiences. In a bid to challenge the status quo, Kayleigh has been deliberately cast as a darker-skinned woman of colour. In addition, the majority of all project contributors will be women of colour. Almaz Ohene commented: “Women of colour are woefully under-represented in all areas of professional life. I’m one of just a handful of non-white women working as a creative in the digital publishing space, so it’s vital to back our own creative practices whenever the opportunity arises.”

Alongside the writings of Ohene, doctors, therapists and facilitators from the fields of gynaecology, sexual health, sex therapy, and psychiatry write the health content paired with each short story. Artist Parys Gardener creates the one-of-a-kind artwork for each piece, and, designer Nat Mortimer creates iconography. 

On being a part of the Kayleigh Daniels Dated platform, Gardener says: “I’m massively inspired by the strength and the legacies of my grandmothers, who were part of the Windrush generation. The more I learn about their lives, the more I’m inspired to place women of all backgrounds as the centrepieces in their own narratives.”. 


Explore the Kayleigh Daniels Dated site here.