Youtube Foodies You Need To Check Out

Feature Image: BRooke Lark

It’s no secret anymore that our gut health is linked to our overall health and wellbeing by having a great affect on our immune systems and most importantly our minds. Scientists have even coined our gut ‘The Second Brain’, so, we’re here to bring you a list of Youtubers who specialise in hearty and healthy meals to explore and create.

The Happy Pear

These Irish twins (Dave & Steve) have the most contagious enthusiasm towards life and they inject the same passion into their Youtube channel. Ranging from savoury to sweet, the duo offer delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as delicious desserts. Initially vegetarians, they have made the complete switch to a plant based diet and their mission is to show people how easy it can be to create varied dishes which are full of flavour. As well as their Youtube channel, the ‘pear’ also have their own Instagram which gives delightful insights to their daily lives of their morning swims in the Irish sea and the day to day runnings of their cafe’s in Greystones. It’s hard not to be motivated when you watch them.


Jess Beautician

It’s hard to believe that Jess is a beautician rather than a chef due to the sheer quality of the dishes she creates. Her editing style clean, minimal and incredibly aesthetically pleasing. In her ‘Student Dorm Room Snacks’ video she shows that you can pair the simplest ingredients together to create yummy, flavoursome dishes. Her ’15 Minute Meals’ video’s are also perfect for if you’ve had a long day at work or university and need something easy to make. Jess shows just how easy it is to create a delicious dinner in a short space of time without compromising on taste as she uses the finest quality foods and ingredients.


Rachel Ama

If you’re a fan of Caribbean food and an even bigger fan of jerk chicken but trying to cut down the amount of meat you consume, then look no further than Rachel Ama’s channel. Offering a plethora of videos focusing on health and fitness, as Rachel has Caribbean descent she creates videos such as ‘3 Vegan Jerk Recipes’ and ‘Caribbean Inspired Buddha Bowls’. Her Roti and Plantain is incredible and as well as food with a Caribbean twist Rachel shows that being vegan doesn’t need to be expensive as seen in her ‘3 Easy Delicious Meals for £1.


Liv B

You’ll never want to buy lunch out ever again after watching Liv’s videos, she creates easy to make, nutritious Portable Lunches which you can take to work or school. Her channel focuses on healthy eating and creating a healthy balanced relationship with the way we see our food. Her best ‘What I eat in a day’ video shows that veganism doesn’t have to be boring, it can be colourful, full of flavour and you can eat waffles and cake all whilst benefiting the planet. You will love the chocolate caramel cake.


Nichola Ludlam-Raine

Nic is a registered UK dietician and her channel is all about healthy recipes and nutritious product suggestions. She doesn’t cut out any food groups as she believes in everything in moderation, so meat, fish, dairy, carbs and sugar (healthy sugars) are all included here. Food isn’t the main focus of the videos, it’s more about the healthy lifestyle which accompanies food and she provides her subscribers with videos to help them ‘Stay healthy when busy’ and ‘How to get the most out of your body‘. As well as food suggestions Nicola’s BBC debates and general discussion videos surrounding nutrition can be viewed on her channel.