Embrace Your True Self With The Insecure Girls’ Club

Words: Emma Roberts

As another summer winds down, many of us have been left feeling a little insecure thanks, once again, to Instagram. Three months of scrolling through holiday snaps, bikini shots and success stories of new jobs can leave the best of us feeling down on ourselves. Just in time for the new season launches a fresh online space for those moments of self-doubt: The Insecure Girls’ Club.

Founded by blogger Liv Purvis, The Insecure Girls’ Club is an Instagram based platform designed to help break through the seemingly perfect images that fill our feeds, and give us a chance to embrace our insecurities.

Announcing the platform on her personal page, Liv describes The Insecure Girls’ Club as “…a space for women to embrace their vulnerabilities and empower themselves (and each other) through wearing their insecurities on their sleeves, and a reminder that you can be successful, outgoing and confident and still feel insecure at times.”

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One of the main reasons for starting this space, was to have a place to chat to, share and document moments with some of my favourite women (on and offline)- and most importantly, be open about the things that don’t always go right. It’s becoming harder and harder to admit insecurity without feeling weak or embarrassed- so talking to women who are doing amazing things, yet also battle moments of doubt has felt increasingly important. Last week I filmed my first taster with the endlessly talented, gracious and gorgeous @isabellefoxofficial – designer, business woman and one of the most sparkly and articulate women I know. Always composed. Isabelle spoke of self doubt when running a business but knowing that somehow, it always comes together. Stay tuned for more coming soon 💫

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In a charming reminder that we all make mistakes. A reader pointed out the misplaced apostrophe in the original logo, leading Liv to change the logo from Girl’s to Girls’. Often we are quick to assume perfection from the people we follow on Instagram and the brands that we invest in, but the reality is that there is a person just like us behind every Instagram account.

To know that there are other women out there, including so many fashion bloggers, feeling the same insecurities that we do, is a huge comfort. We look forward to hearing relatable stories from imperfect people all over the world, on the online platform that needs some positivity the most.

Would you like to contribute to the Insecure Girls’ Club? Drop them an email at [email protected]