Five IRL Wellness Spots To Visit

Words: Daniel Allen
FEature Image: The Glow Bar

With wellness part of our everyday conciousness, it’s amazing to have so many sites and social platforms that make placing your overall wellbeing first a possibility. But, there’s still an undeniable luxury in being in a beautiful space dedicated to calmness and health. a huge part of taking care of our health in the internet age is switching off and being present in the moment  If you feel like stopping the scrolling and hitting the highstreet, here are some wellness locations you need to try out.


The Glow Bar


Glow bar is located in the heart of London and is a wellness company for women. The founder, Sasha Sabapathy, discovered that 80% of women were stressed on a daily basis. She decided to share with other women her stress management remedies, from Lavender night time tonics to adaptogen spiked lattes Sasha has spent a large proportion of her life coming up with new remedies to help women find ways of de-stressing. Glow bar has also created their own elixir blends that aim to help you cope with three major areas of your life that can be affected by stress such as happiness, skin and sex.




Cowshed is an international wellbeing Centre that started its life back in the UK within an actual Cowshed. You can now find them in 4 major cities such as Berlin, London, New York and Miami. They call their products moods and you can pick your product depending on how you feel, so if you’re feeling burnt out you can try the calming lavender and uplifting Eucalyptus to help you unwind and become one with the world.


Cloud Twelve


Cloud Twelve is a unique wellness and lifestyle club located in the heart of Notting Hill. The club which includes indulgent spa, luxury salon, nutritionally focused brasserie and a holistic wellness clinic. Cloud Twelve also have an interactive play and learn zone purely for children and families. They have built this wellness and lifestyle club to promote love; not just for yourself but for everyone and your community.  


The Now


The Now is becoming one of the most popular wellness spots within LA. The Space incorporates “raw elements and natural materials to create a chic minimalist oasis”. The Now is also affordable offering several 25-minute massages for around $40.


Grace Belgravia


Grace Belgravia is located in Belgravia Central London. The space was designed in mind for women and are united under the belief that everybody deserves a space to escape the stresses of daily life. They have a 360-degree approach to wellness and offer a wide range of services to their clients.