Try These Skincare Tips For The Colder Weather

Words: Joshua Greenwood
Feature Image: Anna Sastre

As the weather starts to get colder, it’s the perfect time to change up your skincare routine to target the problems that come with it. Below we have listed our top tips & products to take care of your skin this winter.


Lots and lots of moisturiser.

Autumnal and winter weather can greatly impact the condition of your skin causing dryness and redness, especially to your face due to it being mostly unprotected by clothing. The skin thus needs extra moisture to help penetrate deeper into the skin, relieving negative symptoms.

Highly moisturising creams tend to be luxurious and thick in texture which for some skin types, can lead to clogged pores. However, the Niloté Pure Concentrate cream by Taia Botanics has the luxurious, velvety texture being a pure, all-purpose balm supercharged with rare antioxidant-oils that nourish, protect and soothe skin. Nevertheless, it is fast absorbing containing Nilotica, the purest nut-based oil you can source. This specific ingredient maintains its purity and nutrients like essential fatty acids, vitamin A, and allantoin, an enzyme which promotes healthy cell development. This makes the ingredient deeply moisturising, containing anti-inflammatory properties, without clogging the skin.

The La Mer Moisturising Cream, perfect for dry skin, is another alternative that is a favourite amongst celebrities to hydrate their skin during the winter months. Charlize Theron, Amy Adams and Serena Williams, to name a few, are all fans of the iconic cream due to its soothing, moisturising, and nourishing properties making the skin look naturally vibrant and restored to its healthiest-looking centre. Containing La Mer’s Miracle Broth, this unique elixir formulated with hand-harvested sea kelp and other nutrients and minerals, works to keep the skin looking calm and protected.


Place extra attention on your lips.

Lips are an extremely delicate part of the body, being particularly sensitive to the cold. As our lips lack the ability to produce natural oils to protect your skin from the elements they are a lot more receptible to becoming chapped and cracked.

BY SARAH London’s Organic Lip Balm uses a blend of 100% organic, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients to soothe and protect your lips. Pioneering upfront labelling, detailing a full ingredient list on their products, the lip balm contains Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Apricot Oil and Organic Beeswax. Each ingredient has been selected to perform a specific function for the skin. Due to the antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties of the Organic Virgin Coconut oil, this Organic Lip Balm makes chapped-lips and any dry skin patches a thing of the past.

The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is also well known for its soothing and protecting properties. With its effective moisturizing ingredients, this product perfectly re-hydrates and protects chapped lips. Its versatile abilities make it the perfect product to use throughout the day able to also moisturize the face, condition hands, add a natural highlight, smooth dry ends, soothe windburn and maintain eyebrows.


Layer up skin protectants.

As the weather gets colder it’s essential to prep and protect your skin to retain moisture. While moisturiser may increase the skin’s hydration, if it isn’t absorbed and locked into your skin, it won’t be long until your skin becomes dry again.


Before your moisturiser, adding a serum/oil to your skincare routine will increase the hydration retaining that moisture to last all day. The Organic Facial Oil by ‘BY SARAH London’ contains natural ingredients such as Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Apricot Oil and Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil. With no added fragrance or essential oils, the ingredients work together to provide skin-boosting nourishment, softness and deep hydration.


The Skin to Soul Saviour Oil by Maláko is your perfect protection companion for your bag. This refreshing, multi-tasking, lightweight saviour oil harnesses the best of nature’s ingredients.

Helping to boost hydration throughout the day, protecting it from the unpredictable autumnal weather, it can be used to relieve dry and weathered skin, promote hair health and alleviate muscle tension. It contains Babassu and Apricot Oil that aids in making the skin and hair feel smooth, soft and supple, whilst also banishing dryness. It gains its potent skincare benefits and anti-inflammatory properties through revitalised lemongrass which has been used since ancient times to treat muscle pains, headaches and stress.


Swap up your cleanser.

Cleansers are a great way to remove excess oils and bacteria built up from day to day undertakings, however, cleansers that contain ingredients such as Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide, while good for acne sufferers, are known to dry out the skin. Try opting for something less harsh when the weather gets colder to help boost your skins natural glow.

The Green Clay Cleansing Balm by ‘BY SARAH London’ provides long-lasting nourishment, percolating deep into the skin. With Organic Virgin Coconut Oil as one of its main ingredients, it binds to the oil in your makeup to gently cleanse your skin and remove daily impurities.

By changing small parts of your skincare routine and adding new products specialised to target key area, you can really help and protect your skin from the cold weather ensuring you look healthy and glowing even when it’s icy and dull outside.