The Creativity Of Beauty With Farzana Ahmed

Feature Image: Farzana Ahmed Via @Textbookbeauty

The online beauty community is becoming an increasingly hot topic and many scrutinise the way in which creators represent beauty on social media. Refreshingly, Farzana Ahmed has created a space on Instagram that is purely for the love and creativity of all things skin and makeup. We sat down with Ahmed to hear all about how she began blogging, why she chooses to embrace imperfections and her insight into the beauty community.

Before we chat about all things skincare and makeup, can you first tell us a little bit about yourself? 
Hey Guys! I am a freelance graphic design and beauty blogger from London. I truly fell in love with blogging in 2012 and  my love for posting makeup, fashion and lifestyle began. I have always been involved in the world of beauty and skincare for a long period of time. I have three older sisters who were all into makeup, fashion and skincare and at a young age; I was hooked and it shaped my life.

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Have you always been creative and what encouraged you to begin posting about makeup online?
Yes, I definitely say I was. At a young age I enjoyed painting and drawing; I loved being able to create something out of nothing, and, at an early age being creative was something I only had. When I started blogging in early 2012, it was a place for me to document life as it came to me. Blogging was a way to document the things I enjoyed using (makeup and skincare), the artwork and design that inspired me. The storytelling of blogging was a way to document my growth as a person. To me it was an opportunity and desire to be transparent. I needed to have a platform where I was able to post things without having to worry about it.  One day I saw my sister was writing up a blog post and I wanted to do the same. When I posted my makeup looks back then, it was a way for me to look back and improve the skills I desired to have.

“At a young age I enjoyed painting and drawing; I loved being able to create something out of nothing”


sun 〰️ seeker ☀️

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We love that you choose not to Facetune your images and show real skin. Was this a conscious decision? Do you think more people will go back to un-edited versions of themselves online?
There was a point in the blogging community where I started seeing the same types of imagery, the same aesthetic. There was a point where I did feel pressured into attempting to produce and also look like these women on social media – over editing my images, trying to look like a certain way etc.  It truly took the fun out of blogging for me and it got to a point where I stopped as I felt that I wasn’t good enough, it got to a point for me where I didn’t like what I was creating and so I stopped and got over it.
I believe at some point people will begin to do the same, everyone has their own insecurities they deal with, and that is OK. I think people should do things they are comfortable doing and if that means editing spots and more, it’s up to them. However, I do think extreme face tuning is just not a realistic standard of beauty that’s achievable + I feel now people are more appreciating the idea of seeing real skin.
I love my skin and all its imperfections.
If you could only pick one, what’s your favourite make-up look to do?
As long as it consists of a glowy and dewy skin and vibrant eye its whatever!
 We’re always keeping our eyes peeled for the latest trends to help take care of our skin, so, any skincare must-haves you’d recommend?
Yes! Skincare is everything for me, as I do have eczema I am always looking out for products that can help soothe and heal my skin. Everything under my #shityourneedtobuy tag on my Instagram consists of all of my must-have skincare and makeup products.
Who inspires you to do what you do?
Things that inspire me are my desire to see girls like me, and our narratives, represented in cool ass ways. Along with, my life and people in it, the situations I’m in and those around me are in, basically, everything I can feel and sees whether it’s first hand or a hand-me-down. This is what inspires my lewks it’s all based on how I’m feeling, my mood and everything that inspires me.

“Things that inspire me are my desire to see girls like me, and our narratives, represented in cool ass ways”

Any advice for people wanting to begin creating their own profile for creative work?