Finally, We’re All Campaigning For Ageless Beauty

Words: Alex grindle
Feature Image: Harriet Were for Lonely Lingerie

With the beauty world having completely taken off in recent years all thanks to various phenomenon (contour, impeccable eyebrows and other popular trends such as the introduction of baking) it has been difficult to keep up with the evolution if you’re someone who doesn’t have the time to read magazines or watch beauty bloggers online. A conversation with two friends recently sparked an interesting consciousness of this topic, and we seemed to all agree on the lack of awareness our mothers and other family members have in the make-up department. Through no fault of their own, with social media and technology perhaps not being a big part of their lives as it is with younger generations, it seems, by knock-on effect, they have been left behind by brands too.

For a long time, campaigns saw young, thin, white models dancing around sporting the latest collection, making it seem accessible to a very small portion of women. It’s no wonder some women choose not to ‘bother with it all.’

However, the beauty industry actually IS more diverse than ever and recent make-up campaigns have sought to reinstate mature women at the heart of the beauty industry and draw on ageless beauty as a celebration of ageing and the positivity that should come with it, after all we will all experience it at some point. Campaigns such as Neal’s Yard Remedies’ ‘Age Well Revolution’ seeks to inspire a change in attitudes towards ageing and have it not defined by its declining nature, but by its ‘rite of passage as a gift’.

For so long, brands have focused on anti-ageing products and the slowing down of the ageing process.

Neal’s Yard Remedies is saying women should accept the changes their bodies go through and rather than trying to swerve it, should rejoice it. The campaign features customers of different ages sharing their stories relating to ageing and Theresa Fowler, 53, explains how ‘ageing well means loving yourself’ and this is the message it’s important to focus on. Ageing is inevitable, you can prepare with all the skincare in the world, but it’s your inner contentment you should discover first.

MAC’s ‘#WhatsYourThing’ campaign celebrates women in their entirety, featuring a diverse cast, paying homage to their uplifting brand motto ‘All ages, all races, all sexes’. It focuses on the individuality of beauty, saying ‘modern beauty is as individual as you are’ and, of course, the age element is faultlessly entwined (as It should be!) Rather than feeling pressured into a certain look, MAC asks ‘what’s your thing?’ It’s a powerful campaign which genuinely focuses on all ages, not just casting an older woman as a form of tokenism to make the brand look more diverse.

Also spotted incorporating ageless beauty into her London Fashion Week SS19 show (September 16th) was Victoria Beckham. Her timeless display of sophistication and elegance was exhibited by a fusion of her usual young IT girls with supermodels Stella Tennant, aged 47 and Liya Kebede, 40, demonstrating her collection as a ‘universally flattering’ look, suiting women of all ages. This is such an important one and something once rarely seen across fashion weeks taking part in the big four- New York, London, Milan and Paris. VB shows how the catwalk IS conquering ageism and that no age is rejected from the runway.

And so, brands need not hesitate when deciding if a product is right for older women, after all, since when was that their decision to make?

Steps are being made in the right direction and everyone should be inspired by the beauty in ageing, especially in a world where people are living longer, happier, more active lives than ever before.

So yes, mum, you may be clueless when it comes to make-up, but the crinkles around your eyes are a celebration of your life and where you have been, and now you can accentuate these with campaigns designed to prove to you that you, as an individual, are beautiful.