Glamour UK’s #BlendOutBullying Campaign Is A Needed Movement On Social Media Today

Words: SUsanne Morris
Social media can be astonishing. I’ve seen people use it to build businesses, awareness and confidence. It seems like an inspiring platform. Yet, sadly, it’s not always used in a positive way.

Sometimes, it can get ugly. Take the other day, when I called someone out on Twitter for being horrible about a celebrity with a speech impediment, purely because they sounded ‘different’. Before I knew it, my Twitter mentions were filled with people I didn’t even know sending me insults left, right and centre. It was like being back at school – only, this time, social media was the playground bully.

Experiences like this can be disheartening. I chose to take a break from Twitter for a while. That’s why it’s so great to see Glamour UK, the well known and highly celebrated magazine, launch it’s #BlendOutBullying campaign. This aims to tackle bullying by spreading awareness of cyber-bullying and, more importantly, attempting to put an end to it.

Their Instagram is full of influencers taking on the campaign challenge – which involves writing hurtful names you’ve been called over the internet on your face in make up, and then simply blending the hate away. It seems incredibly therapeutic in addition to spreading awareness and promoting positivity in a creative way. Glamour invites everyone who wants to get involved to write, blend and share. They also give information on a number you can text to donate to the campaign too – in order to raise funds for anti-bullying ambassadors.
The fun, effective and thought-provoking campaign spins the power of social media in a negative sense around so that everyone to contribute to ending bullying in a shareable trend. Here’s to more rallying of people to end bullying – particularly on social media – in the future.