Dina Torkia Releases ‘Modestly’ – A Memoir On Life As A Muslim Brit

Words: Holly Margerrison
Feature Image: @dinatokio

This year the world has gone barmy over burkas. In the UK alone, Boris Johnson has jibed the burka, designers have faced criticism for including the burka on the catwalk and general controversy surrounding the Burka Ban has hit an all-time high. Luckily, Dina Torkia’s memoir Modestly arrives in the heat of the discussion and is here to set the rumours straight, as she recounts her version of what it means to be a Muslim Brit in today’s age.

The influencer’s book, available now, covers issues such as beauty, relationships, family guidance – as well as a section dedicated to fashion, in which she showcases everyday headscarf styles.

Torkia’s career as an influencer kicked off in 2010, when she bought a second-hand sewing machine and began making her own fashion garments. In making these, she aimed to distil the myth that clothes belonging to women of faith were drab. Within just a few years, Torkia uploaded her content to her blog and quickly became a social-media sensation as she talked about her dual identity as a Muslim Brit.

If you haven’t already, you need to follow her girl-next-door blog as well as thoroughly perusing her lively Instagram. She openly admits to not buying ‘good shit’ at the expense of fast fashion, feeling like she needs to ‘overcompensate [her] wearing a headscarf with always buying this many scarves, or that many accessories’.

This anxiety about staying true to your own beliefs whilst being ethical rings true for most of us, surely.

In January 2018 Dina was listed as one of Vogue’s “New Suffragette’s” and, if her blog is anything to go off, we can already tell that the release of Modestly will empower other women like herself in the fight for equality.

On love, life and modest style, Torkia’s memoir is not a book that can be refined to ‘a memoir about a Muslim British woman’. It is a reminder that in a postmodern world we have the choice to interpret what each of our relationships mean – whether that be to God, society, or even to fashion itself.

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