These Female Entrepreneurs Are Changing The Beauty Industry

Words: Hattie Eavis
Feature Image: Getty Images

These female-lead, direct-to-consumer beauty brands are creating a more inclusive and personal approach to skincare and changing the way we shop for cosmetics.

Today, savvy beauty brands are marketing their products in a way that is more in line with many Instagram-age fashion brands by celebrating our unique personalities and individual style through not just the clothes we wear but the products we use on our skin.


The Women Supporting Women Approach

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Consumer minded skincare and beauty brand Glossier, founded by female entrepreneur Emily Weiss celebrates a more personal approach to skincare. Weiss established Glossier in 2014 after creating her blog, Into the Gloss, a community platform where women can share skincare routines. After listening to many women, Weiss was able to recognise the increasingly familiar flaws of traditional beauty products, and launched her own range of cosmetics. Glossier celebrates a real reflection of beauty and thrives on a direct-to-consumer approach; “a people -powered beauty ecosystem”.

The strong female leadership that frontiers the brand seems to be a key component in the success, fuelling the relatable aspect of the company, and product aside, there is a real sense of women wanting to support other women. The familiar, inclusive narrative instils a sense of comfort in the consumer. Glossier has 1.4 million Instagram followers, and alike many other direct-to-consumer brands relies on social media as a way of depicting a certain lifestyle and aesthetic that, as a consumer, you want nothing more than to be part of.


The Understanding A Woman’s Daily Life Approach 

Similarly, Lixirskin skincare brand creates “an advanced yet relaxed approach to good skin”, with a concise range of products. Founder, Colette Haydon is well established in the beauty industry and a specialist in dermo- pharmacy. Through creating Lixirskin, Haydon has created formulas that work with and reflect the busy lives of their customers; “universal, advanced and multi-tasking formulations for everyday use, for young and older skin”.

Today, people no longer have the patience for long, time consuming beauty regimes, companies like Lixirskin offer a less is more approach to beauty without cutting corners on quality.


The Niche and Unique Approach

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Goest perfumes, established by female entrepreneur Jacqueline Steele created her brand after making the somewhat spontaneous decision to study fragrance in France, rather than following through with a neuroscience programme. Steele’s line of perfumes are designed to work with your natural scent rather than just masking it. Untypical to many cosmetic brands, Goest integrates our individuality and every day realities into creating its unique fragrances.

The most intriguing fragrance, the ‘smoker’s perfume’, rather than masking the scent of cigarettes, claims to bring out the best scents of smoke and adapt to work uniquely for you and your brand of cigarettes. Goest takes a more thoughtful and considered approach to both product ingredients and how they are marketed.


The scale of these direct-to-consumer brands seems to be an important factor in their appeal, the fact that they are not mainstream, faceless brands are crucial, and in discovering them you feel like you have unpacked a secret, something personal and marketed directly for you.