Get Informed And Help To Reform The Gender Recognition Act

Words: Sophie Henderson

Officially introduced in 2004, the UK’s Gender Recognition Act is ready for consultation. It runs alongside the proposed LGBT Action Plan 2018, as the government aim to tackle transphobia, disinformation and prejudice spread by those who oppose equality.

Over the years, its implementation has let to a controversial, ongoing debate between  trans activists and gender-critical feminists.

The deadline to have your say is 19th October at 11pm. Lets stand together to make just, positive change.

But why reform the Gender Recognition Act 2004?

The current process is problematic for various reasons, as recognised by the majority of those fully informed.

  • Firstly, a psychiatric diagnosis of gender dysphoria is required to recognise gender, and this demands the idea that being trans means being psychologically ill.
  • An ‘acquired gender’ (proven to be recognised for more than two years) is judged by a panel of complete strangers.
  • On top of various fees, an official £140 fee is required. This adds to the dehumanising nature of the process.
  • A legal spouse can also reject the decision if they don’t agree with it; this can potentially abuse and control a trans person.
  • There is no legal recognition of non-binary gender identities, just two boxes – male and female.

In the developed, forward-thinking world, this is no lawful structure.

How can I have my own say on reforming the act?

LGBT equality charity, Stonewall, have launched the campaign ‘Come Out For Trans Equality.’

You have until 19th October to respond to the government’s Gender Recognition Act consultation. Follow this link to have your say.

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