A Personal Essay On The Strength Of Femininity Through Mainstream Media

Words: Brindy Francis
Feature Image: Rawpixel

There is no questioning that the strength of femininity is expanding as activism becomes more apparent, newer generations head to the voting booths, and most of all: the rise of media. However, where in this concept is there a fault? Digital media has increased awareness, but really, who we follow on social media is harming our feminine strength.

As women all over are reaching higher levels of empowerment and gender non-conforming honeys are becoming more at home in our liberal environments, we seem to find the reasoning behind retweets, digital word and youth awareness through the media. This suggests that social networking is purely uplifting in the femme community.

However, through my experience of feed scrolling and ‘gram devouring, I have discovered that this idea only aligns when using the media in a proper manner. The digital age has given us the opportunity to be up-to-date on current events/movements and to see our fellow femmes and those of non-binary, trans and queer identities embrace their existence as they grow into their own well-suited character. In spite of how compelling this may look and feel, feminity is in deep jeopardy in multimedia.

From account to account, we find less inspiration and more restrained jealousy and longing than anything else. As most blogs will tell you, Instagram and Twitter are hazards in the world of body positivity and general motivation.

Certain levels of scrolling can be beneficial. With the option to have Instagram moodboards, I have as much inspiration for fashion, photography, and crafts as my grandmother does on Pinterest. Not to mention, the word of social issues and change through certain activist accounts and news platforms (sign up for TheSkimm; it is life changing) has encouraged me to call my representatives and join forces of advocacy among many other youth, but these things are beneficial because they are the proper people and groups to actively engage with.

How we, as femmes, remain empowered, motivated and engaged through media is by following the suitable accounts for our mental health and creative identities. I find my greatest strength and positive incentive by a) limiting my media scrolling because no matter what you’re looking at, you will feel unmotivated and dull after staring at that screen for too long and b) following people that will lift me up psychologically.

I tend to follow accounts that produce art, activist organisations, empowering online magazines, accounts that post videos of anything and everything fascinating, and most of all, I refrain from following Instagram baddies. Please don’t be upset. We all love them and their beauty, but seeing images of girl after girl doing nothing but posing for photographers is not feeding us with the quality content we need to feel like the radiant femmes we are.

Do you like the fashion these Instagram baddies provide? Follow broader scale fashion accounts, fashion designers, and repost fashion accounts (@minimalarchive is a classic). Want to support other femmes around you still? Follow artists, writers, photographers, and creatives making content worth viewing and engaging with. The amount of quality Instagram and Twitter accounts out there is never-ending, so why should we empowered individuals waste our time staring at accounts that are only quietly eating away at our self-esteem?