Gist Is The Sports News Platform Women Have Been Waiting For

Words: Victoria Mcewan
Feature Image: Louis Lo

Sport is one of the largest conversation topics out there, but, us women are often left out. Now, we get the gist.

In TPT’s Emmy winning documentary it states that 40% of all athletes are women, yet they shockingly receive only 2 – 4% of media coverage. According to Women In Sport, stats also suggest that 1.5 million more men play sport than women each week and only 8% of girls are meeting recommended exercise guidelines. Perhaps if we saw more news and information about women in sport, these statistics could be different?

Sports are deep rooted in our culture, it provides people with moments of excitement and passion. Look at the hype that surrounded the world cup this summer – it brings so many people together and creates conversation that everyone can become involved in… or can it? What if you don’t have time to watch sport? Or quite frankly you’re just not that interested?


Queue GIST. A sports news company written for women, by women, with a mission to create engaging content to allow women to start and follow sports conversation. GIST is making sports fun. By subscribing to them you get a weekly newsletter curated in a fun and captivating way which will keep you up to date on all the weeks happenings from tennis to football and everything in between.

As well as a weekly newsletter they have an informative website with a rundown of numerous different sports, explaining what they are all about as well as a glossary of terms and a stellar FAQ. If your schedule is so jam packed that you don’t have time to read the newsletter then GISTS Instagram posts snippets of information to keep you in the know.

If you don’t already have a best friend who knows everything there is to know regarding sports, you do know.


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