This Youtuber Is One To Watch

Creating a refreshing way to blog and vlog, writer and Youtuber Lucy Wood is pairing together a realistic portrayal of fashion and beauty alongside light-hearted wit.

We can all have a warped idea of beauty and really easily through fast changing trends, brands and social media. Even with stretch marks on show and an increasing amount of body diversity there is still the prevalent and aspirational ‘look’ of the moment (which forever only seems to fit a certain type of body). This is where the online content created by Lucy Wood comes in to stop the fabrication of fashion. Through honest Youtube videos, Lucy provides examples of what the trends of the moment really look like in person, and, how she feels wearing them.

For most of us, the confidence we can pretend to have through a screen doesn’t quite mean that we’re the most outgoing, body positive person in real life, and Wood understands this. Best known for her ‘average girl’ videos, Lucy is dedicated to showing her audience what popular clothing brands look like on the most common body size in the UK. Through her honest try-on hauls and make up reviews she bravely shows what those types of products look like. The crazed for trends such as the Kardashian-esque cycling shorts and bright vinyl outfits are given a truthful critique providing watchers with both entertainment and important insight they would otherwise miss out on.

By pairing humour and heartfelt messages on fashion, sizing, and beauty, Lucy Wood provides a needed narrative on fashion and beauty for every woman, at every size.


Find out more about Lucy Wood here.