Calling All Londoners: We Have Your Weekend Plan Sorted

Words: Sophie Henderson
Feature Image: @localsauce

With a consistent pressure to make the most of your time spent off work, it’s important to plan something worthwhile; eating delicious food is a great start. This weekend, East London-based Coffee company Minor Figures have teamed up with Local Sauce to produce a menu oh so dreamy we may as well sign up for both days. And to make things even better it’s 100% Vegan, with all profits going to The Ocean Clean Up.

Job well done.

Designed and delivered by Sheba Anvari, we have exclusive access to the menu, which is as follows:

Romanesco en croute with roasted nectarine and endive salad
Coconut and encona corn on the cob, crispy onions, fried beans with chilli and garlic, fried cauliflower tacos, sweet potato and miso tacos and vegan mac and cheese with the egg yolk top
Warm Oreo brownie with mocha minor figure icecream, peanut butter chocolates and a sparkler

You can also bring your own drinks to the event, which is an added bonus.

So who exactly are Minor Figures?

Minor Figures were the first brand to market with a cold brew canned drink combining speciality grade coffee. All of their products are 100% plant-based, natural, and contain no added sugar. Packaging their Nitro in cans, they are able to sell a product that is 100% recyclable and therefore has a significantly smaller carbon footprint.

Get your tickets to their upcoming event here