This Twitter Thread Exposes Medical Professionals Dismissing Women

Words: Sophie Henderson
Feature Image: Raw Pixel

Suzannah Weiss, the feminist writer who currently serves as an editor at Complex, has taken to Twitter to discuss the hardships women face when seeking medical diagnosis and treatment. The post, which was published earlier this month, has sparked a viral conversation allowing fellow females to join the discussion and identify with one another.

Weiss asked women how long and how many doctors it took them to get diagnosed. She has obviously struck a chord with a growing number of people who feel ignored by their doctor in terms of their own physical and mental health, particularly in regards to female-related illness. The all-important question at the heart of the discussion followed: are women’s symptoms regularly dismissed by doctors?

In response, she continued:

“Women, PoC, NB folks, & LGBTQ people with chronic illnesses are criticised for self-diagnosing, but the reason we self-diagnose is that those charged with diagnosing us are biased against us and don’t understand issues that disproportionately affect us.


“We get called hypochondriacs when what we really are is empowered and determined to love and care for ourselves.

“We’re deemed irrational for turning to alternative medicine, but conventional MDs rush us out, dismiss our concerns, and prescribe things that make us worse.


“This is a feminist issue. We are sick, suffering, & even dying because people still can’t trust our knowledge of our own bodies.”

The response:

Using the hashtag #MyDoctorSaid, Weiss asked for people to share their own intimate and disparaging moments with medical staff.

As told in Stylist, this is not unique to American healthcare. In the UK, a 51-page report has been issued suggesting that thousands of women in the UK suffering from endometriosis or fibroids feel dismissed and/ or ignored. The issue is widespread, and Twitter has once again justified a mass concern.

Can you add to the conversation? Tweet with the hashtag #MyDoctorSaid.