How To Make Wellness Work For You

Words: Victoria Mcewan
Feature Image: Ambar Simpang

It’s Monday morning. 7am. The size of your to do list has gone from a small sticky note of tasks to something resembling the size of the bible. You need to make breakfast, lunch and make a coffee to put in your reusable coffee cup (every little helps when saving the planet and money). You have five meetings this week, you need to walk the dog but it’s raining and you can’t find your umbrella, you have a paper due by Wednesday but you’re meeting your friends for a meal tonight and have a spin class tomorrow evening. As you leave for work, mind inundated with your plans for the week. IT HITS YOU. You didn’t meditate this morning.

Wellness and self love have taken centre stage in 2018. There are countless books and articles on how we can practice wellness and weave it into our daily lives, with most of these resources telling us to sleep eight hours a night, exercise daily, meditate, practice yoga and to eat clean and healthily. The benefits of good sleep, exercise and balancing our stress levels through meditation and yoga are profound, but in encouraging people to adopt these practices so religiously, are we creating a pressure that almost cancels out the benefits of such actions? Realistically, with all the demands of our lives before we include wellness and self-love, do we really have time to perform these rituals every day? Such an emphasis on wellness routines can make us feel like we are failing if we don’t meditate one morning, or if we skip a yoga class.

The wellness movement is a wonderful thing, but the whole notion of self love is to relax and take time out. Some of us may be able to easily incorporate a morning run and ten minutes of mindful meditation into our lives and thrive off it, but for some of us it may make us feel even more stressed and feel like another thing to add to the list. A solution to this is to create a wellness routine that works for you. Here’s a couple of little ideas that can help you work your way towards your own wellness routine;

  1. Place a sticky note on the wall where you get ready with a positive statement or positive mantra for that daily dose of encouragement.
  2. Read a chapter of your favourite book.
  3. Listen to a podcast – Sophia Amoruso’s Girlboss radio has some amazing guests with inspiring stories.
  4. Cook your favourite meal.
  5. Call your best friend or a member of your family.
  6. Go for a walk – or try to walk to school, university or work.
  7. Put on your favourite playlist and dance like no one is watching, exercise can be free AND fun.
  8. Get creative for an hour once a week; it could be drawing, writing, collaging, making jewellery or photography.
  9. Write down your best achievements and favourite memories, so that if you ever feel burned out, stressed or down you can look at them and remind yourself of how much you’ve accomplished and how lucky you are.
  10. Let yourself have a treat, a bowl of ice cream and some chocolate here and there is just as good for you as a salad.

Wellness should be doing whatever makes you feel positive, relaxed and good. So don’t worry about the pressure of doing certain things on top of your already busy lifestyle. Create your own wellness routine and do it as and when you can, you’ll appreciate it more and it will be more beneficial.