A Girls Guide To: Aloe Vera

Words: Roxanne Wood
Feature Image: Miguel Bruna

In the ancient Indo-European language of Sanskrit, Aloe Vera translates to ‘Princess’. Coincidence? I think not. Aloe Vera’s endless beauty benefits makes this plant a girl’s best friend, helping us to look and feel fresh and flawless, whilst keeping it cruelty-free. Grown primarily in the Caribbean and Southern US, the gelatinous substance subtracted form this plant is used quite broadly across cosmetics and care products, however it’s pure form can be used alone just as well. Whether you’re growing it yourself, or just have a tub of Aloe Vera gel handy, here’s a few ways it can be used to benefit you:


Hair conditioner can be substituted for Aloe Vera gel, due to it’s softening properties. The gel can be used alone to create this effect or mixed with other substances like coconut oil for more of a deep conditioning. Aloe Vera also aids in dandruff prevention by applying to the hair before shampooing and then as a replacement for hair gel to style your fresh locks. Word has it that the gel also helps along hair growth due to its natural nutrients – it’s worth a try!


Like that of coconut oil, Aloe Vera gel is a God-sent product to our skin, packed full of Vitamin E. It is a natural, cruelty-free substitute for any moisturiser, with anti-inflammatory properties that helps to cool and alleviate the skin. Because of this it can also be used to help treat sunburn in the scorching summers, as well as soften dry skin in the breezy winters. This water-based plant is a year-round must have.


There’s nothing worse than waking up to puffy eyes in the morning. But not to fear as due to its properties, applying the gel around your eyes will cool the area and reduce any swelling. For any irritation and redness of the eyes simply use a fresh aloe pod and, without removing the gel, place them over shut eyes to settle. Aloe Vera is one of the main ingredients used in eye care products, as well as in some eye make-up.


Due to Aloe Vera being rich in Vitamin E, it also aids in softening dry and chapped lips. By simply mixing the gel with oil, you can create you own, home-made lip balm. After all, Aloe is used in many lipsticks and balms, why not save some money and have a go at making your own?

Aches and Pains:

Our skin readily absorbs Aloe Vera, and due to its soothing components can be used to also relax muscles. It can be both applied, or consumed as an edible, in order to relieve us of our pains. If consumed, the supplement can also promote cell growth.

Recently, Aloe Vera is becoming more and more common in beauty and care products, so why not give it a go yourself.