Get To Know: The Big Brands Going Cruelty-Free

Words: Joshua Greenwood
FEature Image: Emiliano Vittoriosi

There has never been a higher demand for brands to become cruelty-free than now. 

Whilst many are conscious of cruelty-free products today, it has taken a lot of work to raise this awareness. Established in 1898, Cruelty-Free International, is the leading organisation working to create a world where no company wants or believes in experimenting on animals. They work with companies to help make shopping for animal-friendly products easier and more trustworthy. Brands that have been found to become completely cruelty-free can display the globally recognised Leaping Bunny Logo, the “golden standard” of cruelty-free certification, on their products.

Below, we have listed the big brands that have made the ‘leaping bunny’ jump into being a more conscious brand.




Covergirl officially announced they are now officially a Cruelty-Free makeup brand! They underwent a rigorous independent audit of their global supply chain, ensuring that all of their products are free from animal testing.

By believing that you shouldn’t have to choose between the beauty products you love and the values you believe in, Covergirl has pulled out of China since it’s required by law to have tested on animals before selling cosmetics products there.

As a brand that is now committed to getting affordable, cruelty-free and ethical makeup into the hands of anyone who wants it, Covergirl is calling for other makeup brands to begin the process of becoming certified.




As a brand that is driven to protect animals and the global environment, Hourglass is well on their way to becoming “the first cruelty-free luxury beauty brand”.

Currently, 80% of their products are vegan with the brand committed to becoming fully vegan by 2020, discontinuing and reformulating all of their existing non-vegan products.

Hourglass has teamed up with the Nonhuman Rights Project. This organisation works to secure legally recognised fundamental right for nonhuman animals through litigation, advocacy, and education. They are supporting the Nonhuman Rights Project by continuing to donate 1% of all profits from every purchase on their website.


Marc Jacobs Beauty


Marc Jacobs Beauty is one of the leading high-end makeup brands and another that has taken the steps to become cruelty-free. Like Covergirl, Marc Jacobs Beauty is not sold in China declaring that they never test on animals or use ingredients that are tested on animals; nor do they ask vendors to test on their behalf. However, not all of their products are 100% vegan due to some of them using ingredients such as beeswax and carmine.


The Body Shop


Having been fighting to end animal testing in cosmetics since 1989. The Body Shop was the first global cosmetics company to fight this cruelty. Over the last three decades, The Body Shop has worked with their “Forever Against Animal Testing” campaign partner, Cruelty-Free International. Their collective efforts have helped lead to a European Union ban in 2013. However, they have recently created a petition for everyone who supports their cause to sign, calling on the United Nations to adopt an international convention that will end animal testing for cosmetics products and ingredients everywhere, forever.

They received over 8 million signatures for the campaign from all around the world.