Dove Introduce A ‘No Digital Distortion Mark’

Feature Image: Dove

Popular health and beauty brand Dove has released a new initiative to combat warped beauty standards for women: the no digital distortion mark.


Known for their disruptive presence in the beauty industry, Dove have campaigned for a more positive projection of female beauty for years. As leaders in creating a more healthy notion of beauty, they are continuing to push society further forward with their new ‘no digital distortion mark’. The icon on images serves as a sign to viewers that said image has had no digital manufacturing with the aim to show women that their ads have not been manipulated to send negative messaged of beauty standards. By 2019, Dove estimate that all static imagery released by the brand will feature the mark.

“No manipulation. No distortion. With the Dove No Digital Distortion Mark, we’re pledging to only ever show women as they are in real life – 100% beautiful”, said Dove on their online launch of the initiative.

According to statistics released by the company, 77 percent of all women and seven out of 10 girls believe all images they see in the media have been digitally altered. Dove hopes the continuation of its Self-Esteem campaign will help future generations of women have a better relationship with the idea of beauty.

It is clear from past and present efforts made by Dove that the responsibility of a healthy perception on beauty shouldn’t be left entirely on the viewer/consumer. In a triumphant step towards a less damaging world for the self-esteem of women, Dove has shown that the reality of an image of a woman doesn’t need to be altered to be beautiful, and, neither do you.


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