The Candle Scents For Your Mood

Words: Joshua Greenwood
Feature Image: John MArk Smith

Candles are the perfect home accessory; scenting your home with delightful aromas and creating a calming feeling with their dim atmospheric flame.

There are endless options to choose from when selecting your perfect scent. Whether it’s the sweet, woody spice of cinnamon or the zesty, sharp tangs of citrus fruit; there is a scent for everyone.

Additionally, there is also a scent for every mood. While candles can evoke a comforting effect due to their appearance, the scents can also induce specific moods. Below I have selected five key scents and explained the effects they can have on your health, emotions and state of mind.



Cinnamon is a festive favourite scent. While commonly used in baking it can also be used as an emotional and health stimulant. Researchers have found that the aroma can reduce drowsiness, irritability, and even ease pain. The charming scent is perfect for the home and has also been found to boost concentration and improve the performance of tasks.



Not only is this flower beautiful with its purple hue and dainty size, Lavender’s earthy, floral scent has been used for years due to its calming effects. Creating a sense of serenity, it is a natural calming agent that relieves stress and aids in a better, longer sleep. This is because the smell of Lavender can decrease your heart rate, helping you to relax and recharge.



The zesty, light fragrance of citrus is known for its energising and uplifting effects that both enhance the mind and the body. Commonly used in aromatherapy, there have been medical studies that suggest citrus, especially orange scents, can help boost cognitive function to people with Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition, a study in Japan also found a strong link between the scent of citrus fruit and work efficiency, making it the perfect scent to keep you focused.



The scent of roses stimulates the feelings of joy, happiness and love, the same that is often linked to this romantic flower. It’s rich, floral aroma, like lavender, has a calming effect which is proficient at managing stress and depression. The roses charming, uplifting smell is the perfect complementary element when paired with other scents, like those of citrus, being able to get additional benefits.



Also used commonly in traditional aromatherapy, jasmine has been found to soothe nerves, lower stress levels and even be as calming as Valium.

The tiny white jasmine flowers have an intense yet fresh fragrance that evokes a warm, seductive scent that stimulates the positive hormones in the body, such as serotonin, elevating mood and boosting energy.