The 6 Best Sustainable Make-Up Removal Pads

Feature Image: Joe Robles

The MakeUp Eraser Makeup Remover Cloth, £16

The MakeUp Eraser is a towel that helps remove makeup without any cleansing product. Simply add water alone and it will remove any makeup (even the stubborn kind) easily. You can use this plush towel then throw it in the wash when each area of it is covered.

Shop it: £16, Asos

The Makeup Mitty 3 pack, $38

With a similar appearance to the beauty blender – but flat and fluffy – this pointed end of this mitt makes it easy to get in all the tight spots around the eyes to remove shadow, highlighter, and mascara. The texture is so soft making it give a perfect foam and froth to your favourite cleanser.

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Pai Exfoliating Muslin Cloths, £12

These muslin cloths from Pai are a great alternative to a makeup remover if you want a slight exfoliant too. They won’t scrub your face raw, but it’s a gentle way to scrub without using microbeads (which are banned) or single-use peel pads which will actually damage your skin rather than exfoliate it.

Face Halo single, £7

The Face Halo is a tried and tested product by many people in the beauty and makeup industry. It’s super plush so feels great on the skin and is amazing at getting rid of makeup in even the trickiest of crevices. Also it’s the size of about three classic cotton rounds, so you can get your whole face done with one. After they are dirtied up, you can just throw these in the wash with the towels.

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Reusable Cleansing Pads, £3.62

These unique  removal pads will add a lovely pop of colour to your toiletries storage or shelves. The cute reusable makeup removers give you a bit of extra texture to exfoliate your skin with as they’re hand crotched (and they look like little blankets which is always a plus).

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Organic Cotton And Bamboo Makeup Pads, £5.50

These absorbent and antibacterial makeup removal pads by Tabitha and Eve are reusable so that you and your skin will get a lot out of your money. They’re made of two layers of super soft, unbleached, organic cotton hence are suitable for all skin types – your skin will thank you!

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