With The Focus On Fast-Fashion, Are We Overlooking The Boom of Brisk-Beauty?

Featured Image: Raphel Lovaski

With the focus on fast-fashion, are we ignoring the quick growing and unsustainable makeup industry?

Since Glossier has garnered so much growth in only four years along with celebrity beauty brands and an influx of beauty bloggers, the makeup industry is becoming more dominant than fashion. It seems ironic then that the push for sustainability in fashion isn’t being placed on the beauty industry too.

With makeup, the prevalent issue is that consumers tend to buy products that look good as they have the intention to make themselves look good. This connection between the appearance of a product and it’s efficacy then makes it challenging to sell products with little to no packaging in efforts to reduce waste. In turn, there is an ugly amount of waste occurring in the name of beauty.

And so although brands such as Zara, H&M and Topshop have been scrutinised for their unsustainable and unethical practices in fashion, each have released a cosmetics line this year. Hence the efforts to make sustainable changes in fashion are being negated by the industry-wide boom of brisk beauty. Will makeup see the same criticism of unsustainable practices? How can we claim to be moving forward with fast-fashion brands if they then release unsustainable cosmetic lines?


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