The 5 Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Plant Lovers

Instagram is definitely the destination for finding the best of plants – from where to buy them to types to buy. We’ve put together a list of the best accounts for all you plant lovers to get following.


Leaf Supply

This store gives the best plant arrangement inspiration as well as the latest plant and pot trends you can get your hands on.


Folia Folia 

This Austria-based account gives you plenty images of plants in nature rather than potted plants in the home. Follow for some super relaxing images to pepper through your feed.


Forever Planty

Forever planty bring you their ‘adventures in plant parenting’ by posting some of the most stunning images of their plant collection. These light and airy shots give some major inspiration of how to style plants in your home.


Urban Jungling 

For some light pops of pinks and pastels this is the account to follow. The images feature less common plants and pots to add a lovey touch of washed-out colour to your feed. If you’re into the millennial pink, this is the account for you.



Botanical Women

The ‘Girls With Plants’ account features exactly what it says on the tin: women and their plants. Images are re-posted from following accounts to shoutout both the woman and the name of the plant in the shot. It’s an amazing account for discovering new people to follow whilst finding new plants you like. 




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