How To Deal With Loneliness This Festive Season

Christmas and New Years both bring a whole host of tough times and emotions. Whilst no-one has a perfect life, there is a huge amount of expectancy placed over these few days to have the perfect time. For some, spending a few days with family can be hell, for others, they wish they could be spending it with family. With this and other complications added to the mix, there can be an overwhelming feeling of loneliness creeping in due to the underwhelming experience of the festive season. So, here’s some unconventional ways to feel less lonely over the holidays.

Not everything you do over this season has to feel ‘Christmassy’.

The worst pressure you can put on yourself is the pressure to be and feel festive every minute of the holidays. Give yourself time to do normal chores, relaxing activities and eat non-Christmas food! This is a quick way to stop you from feeling like you’re not living up to the expectations of the season and simply dip in and out of the festivities as you please.

Take some time to do something or buy something for yourself.

One of the best things about the Christmas period for a lot of people who celebrate it in this way is that you buy presents for loved ones. Whilst a lot of gratification comes from spending on people in your life, you also shouldn’t forget to treat yourself. By taking some time for you or buy yourself something you’ve wanted for a while your self-esteem will feeling nice and nourished. The emphasis on people around you and feeling lonely will feel less predominant when you’re doing something just for you.

Break the taboo of having no phones out during family time and contact people you love

Not all of us have the ideal home situations or family life, so, forget the shame attached to being on your phone at a family-orientated event and keep in touch with friends, a partner or other family that make you feel good. A good conversation with someone who just gets it is a proven way to instantly make you feel like you’re not in it alone.

Crack out the films, music and treats.

For anyone that is either a perfectionist or used to being in a routine that works for them, the Christmas season can make you feel at a loss pretty quickly. Try to use the holidays to work on shutting off from everything you think you need to do and the habits you must commit to doing and simply indulge in relaxation. A few days away from emails, exercise, chores and more isn’t going to cause any havoc on your life, it will just give you the chance for a clear and fresh start after your well-earned break – trust us.