The 10 Best Changes The Fashion & Beauty Industries Made In 2018


Photoshop was ditched

Online and in-store retailers across the globe began to realise how important recognising a the negative effects of warping female beauty through photoshop is. Stretch marks, spots, cellulite and more became the norm to see when shopping – hallelujah!

Beauty went cruelty-free

More and more brands were able to be leaping bunny approved thanks to their cruelty-free changes this year. Hopefully there will one day be no ugly side to the beauty industry.

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Beauties we have MAJOR news: COVERGIRL does not test on animals and now we’re Leaping Bunny certified by @crueltyfreeintl, which means we’re Cruelty Free across ALL our products, EVERYWHERE we’re sold! 🐰💄😊 At COVERGIRL, we believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between the beauty products you ❤️ and the values you believe in. As the biggest makeup brand to achieve the Leaping Bunny certification, we’re committed to getting affordable, ethical makeup into the hands of anyone who wants it. 🙌 Join us in celebrating our certification and supporting #CrueltyFreeBeauty by sharing your excitement with #COVERGIRLCrueltyFree and #COVERGIRLMADE! *COVERGIRL is not sold in China and with our new BFFs at Cruelty Free International, we are working together to advocate for regulatory change to end animal testing globally

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Sustainable alternatives were created

Thanks to campaigns, documentaries and voices of people online the Fashion industry became far more conscious of the effects it has on the environment. Sustainable alternatives and initiatives were launched by some of the top brands across the world. Now we’re just waiting for sustainable items to replace un-sustainable items entirely.

Packaging was reduced

We’re not quite there yet, but, the wasteful amounts of packaging have been cut down by a lot of major companies in 2018. In our opinion, there needs to be a huge packaging re-think in the PR side of both industries. Lets let the quality of the product be the reason people buy them rather than the decorative aspect of their packaging.

Fashion began to better include differently abled individuals

Thanks to activists such as Sinéad Burke, the need to cater to people of different sizes, shapes, physical abilities and more became a prominent movement in the Fashion industry. Even individuals of an age past the “youthful prime” were cast aside from the notions of fashion and beauty before the broadening the understandings of these industries in the past year.

Renting clothes instead of buying more became popular

With buying less as the most sustainable initiative there is, a lot more fashion rental opportunities grew popularity. From HireStreetUK to Rent the Runway, online businesses have offered plenty of outfits to rent so that you can achieve any look you like without contributing to the waste caused by fashion.

The need for ethical manufacturing was brought to the forefront

The shocking disparity between the lives of the people making our clothes and the lives of people selling them came to light. With viral campaigns and voices raised, the people behind Fashion became less of a secret and workers wages, work conditions and health came into the public conscious making brands change their negative actions.

Cultural appropriation was called out

The cherry-picking from oppressed cultures in Western media became a much more sensitive and openly spoken about topic. This year more than ever before, actions required answers and both the Fashion and Beauty industries learnt they can no longer exploit marginalised cultures for their benefit.

London Fashion Week went fur-free

After heavy anti-fur protesting, Fashion Week in the UK decided to ban the use of fur in any shows and show-goers were encouraged not to wear fur attending shows.

The LGBTQ+ community were no longer pushed to the periphery

Thanks to activists such as Munroe Bergdorf, the LGBTQ+ community have had their voices and experiences heard. With Fashion and Beauty being some of the most influential outlets there are, this year became the year to be inclusive in pledge to shape society as a space equality whereby equality can exist.