Insta MUA Fakes Plastic Surgery As Social Experiment


Known for his skill at drag makeup, the artist Alexis Stone faked plastic surgery to his followers online to conduct a social experiment and the responses were crazy.

Famous for his realistic celebrity transformations, Stone decided to take the power of makeup to a new level. He announced in a Youtube video that he would undergo a major transformation to his face:

When the “new Alexis ” was revealed last November, criticism came flooding in:

“Not against plastic surgery, but you look like a hot mess,” one comment on the reveal video reads. 

“You were such a handsome, normal and cute guy with the bright eyes before all cosmetic procedures,” another reads. “You can never have your face back that god had created … I had tears in my eyes, why people do this. It’s just sad and poor.”

This month, after three months of his re-constructed face, he revealed that it was in fact a mask:

The reason for the mask was to see the response from his followers. Of course, the criticism was instant and it revealed the controversy of beauty. Stone explained:

“For the last year and half from when I started getting Botox and filler, I’ve been called botched, I’ve been called a monster. This, I believe, says more about other people than it does me.”

“[I also want to] bring attention to the social construct of becoming a monster,” he adds. “If enough people scream and shout that someone’s a monster … It becomes believable.”

To now read the comments with the knowledge that the surgery was a mask provides a terrifying insight into the reaction society can give a person for existing outside of beauty norms. Plastic surgery will most likely remain a controversial choice, however, it’s interesting that it’s an action people feel invited their judgement on.