These Women Are Tearing Down Postpartum Pressures

There are so many things a woman needs to do and needs to be once she has given birth. From her body ‘snapping back’ to sharing how elated she is with her ‘bundle of joy’, the pressures on women in the postpartum period are crippling.

Thankfully, there are women online sharing their voice to show that the narrow view of what life should be like after giving birth just isn’t realistic. So no, you don’t have to be you pre-pregnancy weight in a matter of weeks, you don’t have to love breastfeeding and you definitely don’t need to seem overjoyed with this major life change just because you love your child.

Here are our favourite sources for some postpartum honesty online:

Meghan Boggs

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The amount of heartfelt messages that I’ve received over the last few days has filled my heart in ways that I can barely describe. From the kind wishes and prayers about my surgery to those that reached out about the #this_is_postpartum movement. I’m bringing back this post today to say thank you! And to let you know that it’s not too late to post. I’ve been sharing as many as I can in my stories and while I had a slight break yesterday for my surgery, I’m hoping to share more! So many of the conversations I’ve had about this movement have been about the fear of what others will think or what they will say in response. Here are my thoughts: They. Don’t. Matter. There will always be people who have something to say and make assumptions based on first glance. I used to let it bother me at first until I finally stood up and shouted… They! Don’t! Matter! Your story is worth being heard and shared in whatever way you want to share it. You are allowed to open your heart and express yourself whether that’s through a vulnerable photo or through your words. You don’t need to worry about someone who drinks haterade for breakfast and is nothing but a keyboard warrior. Because… They. Don’t. Matter. I’m here for you. This community is here for you. And if sharing is what your heart is aching to do and something that will bring you peace, please don’t let anyone hold you back! Use the hashtag #this_is_postpartum so I can support you as well as all of the other mamas who are sharing and have joined in! Read through the hashtag for a beautiful boost in confidence, there are now over a thousand posts! You got this, mama! Ps. In case no one has told you today, you’re a beautiful warrior goddess of a mother, hot mess t-shirt stains and all! Own it! 😘 #tbtmomstyle • Tank: @themomculture

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She Plus Five

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She broke down and I watched as a hundred pieces scattered on the floor. It was imposible now to glue her back together. She felt so… disposable. . What good was she now that she was so broken… . Today was one of those days where I watched myself break. It’s just so hard isn’t it? When all you do is talk to little people, little humans who are so fixated on a red bowl instead of a green one. It’s so hard when you haven’t had the time to shower let alone poop in peace without an audience. When all you want is five freaking minutes to just breathe and pause ALL THE NOISE. . It’s so hard when you’re the only one who will understand what those five little minutes alone can do to your mind, to your emotions, to your soul! . It’s so hard when you feel like you’re doing it all alone. And there’s no break until you break! . THIS IS ME. . And I’d like to believe that I’m not alone. That there are countless of other freaking amazing moms who feel the same way I do. . And I want you to know that IT’S OK! . IT’S OK to break. IT’S OK to stare at our broken pieces for a moment and just cry. IT’S OK to feel disposable. . But what IS NOT OK is to walk away leaving those pieces behind. You pick yourself back up and glue that awesome woman together and give her the tightest hug you’ve ever given her and whisper, heck! scream in her ear just how amazing and wonderful she is!! . Because YOU are worth it. YOU are needed. YOU are wanted. YOU are still strong. And YOU are beautiful. . IT’S OK MAMAS, WE GOT THIS!!

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Mel Watts

Brittany Noonan

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“For however motherhood comes to you – it is a miracle.” #3monthspostpartum Whether it’s vaginally or cesarean birth every birth is a miracle and all mothers are amazing, strong and fierce. My scar may fade or it may not but honestly I don’t mind, I actually hope it doesn’t completely, I quiet like the reminder of where my babies came from, it’s a very special reminder each time I look down at just how lucky I am. There are a few things I am extremely passionate about and helping other mums and mums-to-be feel empowered and strong about their csection birth is one of them especially because I am forever messaged and emailed by mums who are scared, ashamed or overwhelmed about their csection birth and have only ever heard horror stories or been met with negativity surrounding it and to me I feel so sad that they feel this way when they should be proud, excited and feel like the bad ass woman they are. I hope one day women everywhere don’t have to feel the need to justify their birth and can proudly say they are a C-section mama without any guilt or shame! Which ever way you birth, you are a legend and I can assure you your baby will only care that both you and them were safe and well! Yes it can hurt but I’d do it a million times over to have my beautiful babies in my arms!🙌🏼👏🏼💪🏽 Ps any negative Nancy comments will be deleted. This is my space of positivity and empowerment! ❤️ Are you a C-section mama!!?? . . . . #csectionmama #csectionrecovery #postbaby #postpartum #cutebaby #3monthsold #fourthtrimester #pregnancyjourney #mumlife #pregnancy #pregnancyblog #ig_motherhood #bumpdated

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“I look like I’m holding it all together, but I’m not” I do this a lot. Only post the good stuff. Only show the good parts of my day. Honestly because the last thing I’m doing during a melt down is playing on my phone. I’m more so thinking “damn. I want to run away”. Anyone else in the same boat? Over on the blog today I am sharing a few of my truths. And sharing with you guys a few tips I’ve gathered from my mom about why we aren’t failing as mothers, even when we think we are. We are just human. We’re all losing it. That mom that feeds her kids kale and is “never late”? She loses it. The mom with the pristine Instagram feed? She loses it. We all do. I do more than I care to admit, to be honest. Because being a mom takes a LOT of strength. New strength that we have to pull out of our asses daily. And sometimes it feels like we’re all alone in this. The only one feeling this way. But we’re not. I’m not. You’re not. #momtruths #twinmom #honestmotherhood

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