Our Favourite 5 Photographers That Capture The Beauty of the Planet


From exotic Fiji to the frozen yet beautiful polar region, earth is full of natural wonders and beautiful animals. With over 8.7 million species on the planet and the circumference of the earth calculated at 24,901 miles, we live on a vast, stunning planet, ready to be explored. We have curated and discovered some of the most talented photographers who have travelled to the most picturesque and exquisite locations, capturing the raw beauty of the planet.

Paul Nicklen

Paul Nicklen is a National geographic photographer and co-founder of the seal legacy, an organisation whose mission is to create healthy and abundant oceans. Nicklen takes some of the most beautiful wildlife photos capturing the most exquisite shots. His work captures the natural world in all its glory, having explored areas such as the polar regions for over 25-years.

Garrett King

Garrett King is a photographer and filmmaker blending his travel style photography with his enthusiasm of adventure. Capturing the moments of his travel in all their natural glory, King photographs a combination of stunning landscapes and picture-perfect wildlife, often complemented with delicate typography on his Instagram. Having travelled to locations like Hawaii, Belize, Venice and Iceland, his portfolio of work and unique aesthetic is awe-inspiring.

Hannes Becker

Specialising in the outdoors, adventures and landscapes, Hannes Becker aims to inspire the viewer and portray his experiences realistically. Becker documents his travels in nature incorporating his personal interpretation with particular importance on composition and mood. With an eye for detail all of Becker’s photographs have an authentic beauty, capturing the raw perfection of nature.

Jannik Obenhoff

At only 18 years old, Jannik Obenhoff photographs some of Europe’s most strong-featured and grandiose landscapes. His invigorating style is both fresh and aesthetically classic, capturing the natural essence of each landscape in his own distinctive perspective.

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