THINX Has Created The First Re-Usable Tampon Applicator


“Better period, better planet.”

The first FDA approved reusable tampon applicator has been released by forward-thinking brand THINX. With their fresh approach to women’s products, the brand has brought us plenty of taboo-breaking products in the past. Thanks to THINX, period-proof underwear for a safer and more sustainable period is now a common thing for many women, and now, there’s also an option to improve the way we apply tampons too.

Much like the sleek name choice for the product (“re.t.a”) the design is compact, stylish and discreet. It’s purpose is to better the environment, but to also make products that are friendly to the bodies of women available to them. Indeed, after news surfaced on how toxic tampons are for bodies, THINX has provided a caring alternative.

Not only this, but the brand are aiming to change the way we ‘deal with’ periods. Why can’t a period routine be based around care? Why do we view it as something to quickly sort out while we nip to the loo and get back to the million other things to do that day whilst pretending our period doesn’t exist and isn’t actually affecting us?

Undoubtedly, the time has come to better the way we care for ourselves through the products we use during our periods. Check out the re.t.a by THINX here.