SHSaldler Express The Dehumanisation of Beauty Standards In Project ‘Fresh Meat’


Photography duo SHSaldler, made up of Los Angeles-based Julia SH and Nic Saldler, create a confrontational series on the effects of beauty standards.

Made for Schön! Magazine, Fresh Meat is a photo series of models packaged in plastic to share the current position of beauty today. SHSaldler assert that the concept of female beauty has moved towards a more manufactured production of aesthetics for women of the public as well as celebrities.

Indeed, “the standards of beauty that were previously applied to models in magazines now extend to the images presented by the public”, the duo tells It’s Nice That. Hence not only has the pressures of perfection moved onto all women, but, so has the warped perception of beauty through beauty photography.

With tools to doctrine our faces and body, all of us are now able to alter their appearance in the same manner that beauty would have been constructed and presented to us via magazines in the 90s. As this culture of beauty has flooded the masses, SHSaldler question whether our current climate of beauty is dehumanising; are we all changing our appearance to look like a perfectly packaged depiction of beauty?

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