10 Enriching Travel Destinations For 2019


The phrase “collect memories, not things” is a mantra we should all try to remember, because ultimately, we will look back at the memories and experiences we made, not the new handbags and shoes we bought. We will look back at the incredible and inspiring people we met and danced with until the sunrise, not the smartphones we bought to maintain online relationships which stay online only. Everyone should make it their goal in 2019 to travel to a new destination. Here are 10 enriching holiday destinations to inspire you, all as beautiful as they are diverse.

Faroe Islands 

Unspoilt and unexplored, the Faroe Islands are home to adventure. Just a short flight away from the UK the Islands are nestled in between Iceland and Norway and exhibit beautiful mosaics of colourful cottages, delicious seafood and breathtaking treks and mountain views. As well as the relaxation of birdwatching, trekking and bike riding if you want to do something daring, opt for paragliding, cliff jumping, speed boating or kayaking through the rugged caves. 



If culture is what you’re after, head to Copenhagen. Filled to the brim with colour and creativity, it is the capital of cool. The juxtaposition of the modern architecture and art with historic monuments here creates a striking and beautiful contrast. The Meatpacking district is now home to numerous unique bars, galleries and restaurants. Make sure you visit all of Copenhagen’s famous streets, as every street has something different to offer and the dining here is an experience, so be sure to treat yourself.



A country like no other, Japan is a beautiful other worldly experience, from the choices of food all the way through to the transport systems. Tokyo is combined of a diverse collection of intriguing neighbourhoods, ranging from futuristic to areas where state of the art innovation blooms to areas with traditional temples and lanterns, home to the beautiful cherry blossom trees. There are hidden gems everywhere – eclectic cocktail bars down grey concrete side streets and educational art galleries. Visiting Tokyo is like going on your very own treasure hunt.


Isle Of Skye 

A small island in the highlands of Scotland the Isle of Skye is famous for its rich history, scenery and wildlife. Visit the castles of MacDonald & MacLeod, climb the Cuillin Range and search for whales, dolphins and red deer. The best part, if you’re from the UK you don’t even have to fly anywhere. 



Diverse, exotic and quite frankly dazzling, Morocco is an incredible blend of ancient cities, vast deserts and striking mountain ranges, no wonder it’s called the “Land of God”. Visit the YSL museum, explore the Jardin Majorelle or plan a few days away exploring the Sahara Desert. Marrakesh is home to many luxurious hostels and riads at a cheap price so if you’re looking to live life in luxury for the night, take your chances, you’ll need it to escape the major hustle and bustle every now and then.



Warm balmy evenings, pretty pastel houses lining cobbled streets and salsa dancing late into the AM, Cuba is the perfect paradise holiday. Visit the stunning Museo de la Revolucion to learn about the events leading up to the Cuban revolution and the Plaza del Cristo to enjoy a well deserved rum cocktail and watch the world go by. 


New Orleans 

If music is your passion, New Orleans is a definite must visit on the bucket list. Branded as America’s most interesting city, it is a plethora of culture, diversity and high spirits. It has the most award winning chefs than any other US city and 135 festivals a year. Explore one of the many art museums or immerse yourself in the ‘crown jewel’ of New Orleans – The French Quarter which offers french markets and sophisticated boutiques full of bohemian charm. 



A holiday where you relax all day on the beach or a holiday filled with sightseeing, shopping and activities? Barcelona has it all. Gaudi’s architecture makes you feel like you’re in a real life fairytale and the Gothic Quarter is the beating heart of Barcelona, here you can indulge in the finest tapas and even visit Els Quatre Gats, the cafe where Picasso and pals used to gather. A trip to Barcelona will excite and inspire you.



If there is one word to describe Slovenia it would be enchanting. The snowy mountains, the turquoise green rivers which dazzle in the sunlight and the mysterious majestic Postjona caves make you feel like your in a fantasy world. If you visit Slovenia, be sure you see Lake Bled, the symbol of Slovenia’s beauty which, legend has it, has special powers to restore well being. You can even visit the island on a traditional Pletna boat to see it’s beauty up close.



What was once a war-ridden city is now a newly reborn cosmopolitan hub on the coast of Croatia. Local architect Nikola Basic created the alluring sea organ which, created through subterranean pipes in the Adriatic sea produces a wistful, relaxing tune. If you like the sea organ, Basic also created the Sun Salutation, an installation which absorbs solar energy and at night time uses the conserved energy to playfully light up the waterfront. Want to test your brain, visit the Museum of Illusions to experience the anti-gravity room and surround yourself with holograms, optical games and kaleidoscopes.