Mothercare UK Celebrates Our Post-Birth Bodies


Modern advertising makes very small steps towards inclusivity, but Mothercare UK have disrupted this narrow-minded landscape in their announcement of ‘Body Proud Mums.’

The campaign, which came runner up in Transport for London’s Women We See competition, celebrates the beauty of the post-birth body. It aims to represent ‘a part of motherhood that is rarely portrayed in the media.’

Ten named-women share their own unique story, accompanied with the tagline ‘Beautiful, isn’t she.’ This opens up the ideal of the newborn child to the mother herself. It honours every body type and presents the real effects of pregnancy on the female form.

And what makes this even more special? As of October 12th 2017, photographer Sophie Mayanne promised to never digitally manipulate her images.

Sophie told Mothercare, “The images depict the raw and incredibly emotional experience of childbirth. The aim is for mums of all shapes and sizes to be able to identify with these photos in one way or another, and to feel more confident with their imperfections.”

Each of the ten women involved share a heartening story. Nardy, a mum of six said, “I don’t measure up to what society tells me should be the ideal. I feel people need to put less pressure on mums to go back to their previous bodies before the babies and worry about their overall health mentally, emotionally and physically, to live a fulfilling life in order to give love and care for the new life.”

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