10 Fashion Rules That Should Be Broken


Rules are meant to be broken, especially in the daring world of Fashion. So here is a list of 10 popular and utterly ridiculous fashion rules that we should not be following in 2019. 

  • Double Denim: Popularised in the 80’s, this hippie trend is not one to be ignored. A full blue denim suit is a very casual yet edgy statement outfit that can make you look cool on your chill out days. A pair of your comfiest mom jeans and go-to denim jacket will do the trick.

  • Clashing Prints: Mixing patterns and designs is not only acceptable but is very on trend in 2019. Forget what you’ve heard – mixing the right prints together will give you a unique and daring look to wear either night or day. However, take care with this, as some prints still clash way too much!

  • Red and Pink Together: Whoever originally said this was a bad idea were clearly colour blind. Red and pink go together like a horse and carriage and is definitely a look we need to see more often.

  • Gold and Silver Do Go: Many people think mixing metals is a bad idea, however mis-matching gold and silver jewellery can be cute. Go all out and put gold and silver rings on the same hand! 

  • Sunglasses Are Only for Summer: Whoever said this clearly hasn’t seen how blinding snow can be! Despite cold days, the sun still finds a way to peak through the clouds, and sunglasses can really make an outfit. Don’t be afraid to get them out all year round. 

  • Pyjamas are for Sleeping: There’s been a sudden rise in wearing ‘pyjamas’ out of the house. Obviously, there is a limit to which this is acceptable, however a floral silk shirt or wide-leg silk bottoms can easily be played off as outerwear and look great.

  • Dress Your Age: As long as what you’re wearing is legal, then who cares. If you got it, flaunt it. Fashion has no age limit.

  • Wear your Gender’s Clothing: Unisex fashion is currently at the forefront of the industry, promoting genderless clothing and styles. Fashion does not discriminate, if it looks good, does it even matter?

  • Don’t Let Your Bra Straps Show: Women wear bras. We don’t have to dress strategically so the straps don’t show, or so that we don’t wear a bra at all. A cute bra might even add to the outfit’s aesthetic!

  1. Horizontal Stripes Are Unflattering: The idea that horizontal stripes make you look ‘wide’ is all fibs. Horizontal stripes can create a really cute outfit and is not to be sniffed at.