Get To Know: HANX, The Female-First Condom Brand


There is a major double standard at play between men buying and carrying condoms and women doing the same. From the garish packaging they’re sold in to the advertising surrounding them, condoms have been constructed as a male product. Here to change the norm is Hanx.

Hanx is a new condoms company with women in mind. Founded by Farah and Sarah, the brand questions the traditions of condoms, namely the puzzle of ‘how men carrying condoms made them studs. And how women carrying condoms made them promiscuous’.

Hanx’s product reinvents what a condom company can look like. The white box with gold detailing is so elegant and refined that it can sit as a decorative piece on your shelf hence no more hiding away condoms. Not only this, but the friendly and feminine appearance make the action of a woman bringing out a condom when it gets to that time feel like a ‘female’ act.

To make matters better, Hanx are with the forward-thinking movement in how products effect people and the environment which is why their condoms are fair trade, 100% natural and vegan friendly. But don’t worry, these factors don’t hinder the feel.

No more need to rely on a guy to provide them or feel shame in having them on you; condoms are undoubtedly now a woman’s product too.

Discover more about Hanx condoms here.